Road Trip Story: Phnom Penh to Rabbit Island, Kep, Cambodia

my first road trip in Cambodia to Kep town – Rabbit Island

Luckily we did not have that terrible hangover from last Friday. We started the road trip around 9:30AM. This was my first road trip in Cambodia. I had no idea where Kep was. I did not do any research before hand. My friend M was there before so I just followed her. I was glad that I did it instead of going to see the Killing Field with Brian and Tom and their soccer game.

The way escaping PP is more complicated than I thought. Probably I did not know the city that well. We got stuck at a bad traffic jam. They were building a bridge on the way to the airport. Gee! Heat – Noise – Sun: almost killed our plan.

Later, roads were much better: wider and smooth. I still feel scared at some point anyway. We took turn to ride my friend’s motorbike. As I observed, the average speed limit is around 60km/hour (40km/hr in town and 80km/hr in the countryside). We kept our speed around 70km/hr. On the way to Kep, M always rode at 80-90km/hr. I did not feel nervous at all with that high-speed, but the other drivers 🙂 We had a little race as well with a truck. I did not know what on earth the truck driver thought. We passed them because we did not like the dust from the truck going straight to our face. He thought we wanted to race him. We passed him. He passed us. We kept doing that for a few times until he reached his destination. Geee!

and here is the motorbike 🙂

on the way to Kampot: we saw a truck with full of pigs. Heizaa no more pork for me please

M told me that Kampot is a popular town for many expats in PP at weekend. We did a small tour but I did not find any interesting thing. There is a huge concrete durian in the roundabout with some other kinds of fruits.

Kampot: the big roundabout with huge durian in the middle

on the way to Kep: the road is not that smooth but good enough for a motorbike 🙂 sometimes it was bumping as if we were riding a horse 😀

Multi Roadsign: I could even get back to Viet Nam within 30 minutes (Ha Tien border) by motorbike

When we got to Kep town, it was about 2PM-ish. Instead of spending a night in Kep, we followed some other friends to Rabbit Island, which took us around 15 minutes on a small boat. We could see the island from the shore. We decided to go as we rode a long way to Kep and just a few minutes we would totally rest. Thinking about empty beach with peaceful waves, we could not wait for minutes. We happened to find a tour agency and the owner was a tourist police in the town. We did not have much options for the boat though. We spent 25USD for 2 people on a private boat and for a round trip. We left Kep town at 2:30PM and return at 7:30AM in the following morning.

Info for boat to the island and other tours/transportation

We waited at the pier for like 20 minutes to get on the boat. It was not that comfortable boat trip. Really windy. Exactly like roller coaster. It was fun though. They have life-jackets but I did not see anyone wearing. When I saw the shore, I was super excited 😛 Later, I found out that we had to walk through the jungle for around 10 minutes, more or less. Great! Good advice: do not wear hiking shoe in the area having sea and jungle. I had to take off my shoes and walked on bare foot on a small wild path. Good thing that there was not many trash. It was alright to walk.

a boat ride to Rabbit Island

At the end of the path, we were welcome by a wave sound, stunning scenery full of coconut trees, green grass, oh well… we deserved! It was so nice to be there on the beach in the island.

I took use of every single minute when I was there. Throwing myself to the sea. I do not know how to swim as many people know, but I still have my own way to enjoy the beach and the sea. Waves looked big but very peacefully. It was not that deep. I could walk a bit far away from the shore. Let my body have wave massage with warm water. I wish there could have had more sun. We arrived a bit late anyway. The water was not that salty like that in Con Dao island. The beach is not that white; it is brown. Different from Con Dao island.

Accommodation in the island is VERY basic. The bungalow cost 7USD per night for 2 people. There is one restaurant owned by the bungalows’ owner. Food was fine, enough to keep you from starving.

Beach on Rabbit Island

One of a few bungalows

twin-bedded bungalow

not a fancy toilet for city girls 😀

Rabbit Island. Rabbit island is only a 20 minute boat trip away from Kep beach (around 8-10USD return if you book a tour, otherwise your best option is to get to the boat pier before 9am and share a $20 boat ride with other travelers). Bungalows on Rabbit Island are quaint and cheap (from 5USD a night), and is generally pretty quiet. One of the nicest remote islands worth seeing in Cambodia. Now even with a massage shack directly on the beach.

Sunset on Rabbit Island with an Angkor beer and girls 🙂

Sunrise on Rabbit Island – time to head back Phnom Penh. See you!

Less than 24 hours on the island. It did not give me a feeling like I had when I was in Con Dao island. I had good time though. I think the local authority should do something to encourage tourism there. The island is so wild, so nice. No need to build up bunches of resorts like those in Koh Samui, Thailand or Phu Quoc island, Viet Nam. Just pay more attention on qualify, but quantity 😦 (big words from me now). I am always impressed how people orangize things in Kota Kinabalu 🙂

In short, the first road trip was very cool. Many interesting scenery along the road. Many girl talks. Some photos. Got some tan on the legs 🙂 I am ready for the next road trip here.


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