Phnom Penh @ Friday night

I arrived at Phnom Penh late 9ish but I was so glad that my good friend M was waiting for me at the bus office.  After a long bus ride, it was the greatest moment knowing that I would not be alone. We should have a great week together.

We took a tuk-tuk back to her friend as riding a motorbike at night in Phnom Penh (PP) is not a good idea and when you are just a newbie in the town. Dim light and careless drivers are always scary.

The apartment is located near a local market and quite big. I had my own room this time and share a bathroom with other girls in the house. At night a whole neighborhood is super quiet. At day time, gosh! it is a real open market packed with so many people, full of smells and noise. I like the location. It is walking distance to restaurants, bars, swimming pool and a bit further is Mekong River side.

My friend M had two (2) options for me: eating out or hanging out with her co-workers. Oh dear! It was Friday night! We could totally combine both at 10PM-ish 🙂 My friend’s co-workers were expats and interns. They are all lawyers and work on Khmer Rouge Court. LOL.

Pretty good night and talks. Some cool guys and cute girls. I got a real tequila shot. Woah! 2 Anchor beers plus. Not bad for a night!


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