Selamat Pulang, Malaysia and Singapore!

A short trip back to Malaysia and Singapore with my mom and my brother was cool. I feel thankful when my friends were there with me. Some were too busy to meet up but I will come back again 🙂

New experience for those trips:

– do not need to book Skybus ticket (less than 8R per person per way + online service fee) in advance with AirAsia. I thought there would be a different service if I booked on-line. Everything is the same. It was a bit more expensive because of the service fee. Yellow buses are always available with 8R per person per way, no need to book in advance.

– do online check-in before taking off with AirAsia. They offer two (2) ways: web check-in and mobile check-in. If you have a smart phone with a local simcard, things get very easy.  (1): log in AirAsia on the smart phone. (2) Do the online check-in. (3) The 2D code will be sent to your phone/emailed to your inbox. (4) Download the 2D code. (5) Scan the 2D code at AirAsia mobile check-in counters in the airport – it will print your boarding pass automatically. Those steps will not take you more than 5 minutes. Next month, if you do check-in at AirAsia counter in person, you will pay for that service. I like the online check-in. I save a lot of time in the airport because I hate to wait there.

– do not trust the Google Map on iPhones; use the hard-copy map or get direction info in advance. My family and I spent more than 30 minutes walking around Bukit Pintang just finding the Sunshine Hostel. We need to ask the hostel staff for the landmark of the place before we arrive.

– assign tasks will make the group less stressful. For example, my mother cannot speak English. She took care of our bags while my brother asked for the direction and I bought some water for the group. It saved TONs of time for the whole group. We sometimes fought a bit but after all, everything was just fine.

– Free wifi at Changi Airport is so annoying. You need to get a username and password from Airport staffs who are walking around with an iPad. They will get your passport/Singapore number before giving you your account which does not work that well all the time.  Meanwhile, in LCCT Malaysia I got good free wifi right after I arrived inside the terminal. Simcard DiGi and TalkTune worked very well in KL as well. I found those things very convenient. 3G costs a lot of money as usual. Phone calls from Malaysia to USA cost 1cent/minute. Yay!

(to be continued…)


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