Sun, Sea and What?!?

I got back Mui Ne last weekend. Simply I wanted to get out of Saigon for a bit, after a long time getting stuck with work and stuffs.

The bus ride was longer than I thought. I still managed to get some sleep though. Arriving at Mui Ne, my crew and I decided to get banh my op-la and beer (lol) for our super early breakfast. Two (2) days in Mui Ne, I allowed myself to stay in a not-bad hotel with swimming pool and by the beach. I had sun, sea, wind, rain and beers.

Highlight point of the trip was that I could get further away from the shore, which I could not dare to do last time. Of course, with my crew’s help, I finally enjoyed the big waves. They were so cool – with scary feeling by the way. Big waves! I have still not found out ways to deal with you. I will give you many chances again 🙂 Lesson #1 I learned from the trip: You have to face the big waves; otherwise they will fight and kill you. This is applied for life. It is hard but a good lesson. Lesson #2: learning to swim failed, even though my crew tried to help/teach. Shoot!

Sun – Sea – Sky – Wind – Myself

Weekend went alright, until I found out I was still thinking about the past. Silly me! Everyone and myself knows that it is the past. I cannot change anything. I just learned from it. Again, I know it is not fun to remember those memories all the time. Yet, I lived in my old good memories only last weekend. Just me, myself. I was there. You were not. Boo! Nothing. Just like rewinding the tape. Dang! It is still somewhere on my mind. It suddenly rushed back.

Now back Saigon, I am back to the busy-bee life. No time to think about cheesy things. Get work done before I am heading to Ha Long Bay again 🙂

Work hard for coming trips

Nice weekend to everyone and to myself 🙂


– Bus ride: on sleeper bus – 120,000VND per person per way (Jul, 2011) with T&M Brother (237 Pham Ngu Lao St, D.1, HCMC) or 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne). The latest bus is at 8:00PM from HCMC and 1:30PM from Mui Ne.

– Hotel: Hoang Kim Golden Hotel – 25USD/room/night (Jul, 2011). There is a small swimming pool, by the beach. Wifi is not available in the room. There is cable TV, AC, hot water. A Vietnamese style hotel.

– Food: Lam Tong restaurant – still the good one so far.

* Next time, I will stay at Paris Mui Ne Plage (94 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne) – 75USD/bungalow/4pax (Aug, 2011), inclusive breakfast with fresh home-made breads (French style)


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