Con Dao – My 28th Away Bday Paradise, Part 2

Let’s explore the island when we were all good for accommodation and transportation.

Wait! We needed food and drink.

Where to get food and drink

If you are a party animal, Con Dao is not for you. There is no bar/club in the town, but cafe shops or some che/sinh to places. If you need to grab some cocktails or alcohol, you can either ride a motorbike to Six Sense Resort or some hotels like Saigon-Condao, Condao Resort and Spa, etc. Prices are not that cheap at all.  D and I grabbed beers (Tiger Beer) from nearby local groceries; 12,000VND/cold can and we sat by the beach or in the middle of the hill looking forward to the ocean and enjoyed our beers. It was cool. Sunset, beers and good friends. That’s all for me!

If you are a big fan of cafe Viet Nam – ca phe sua da or ca phe den – and fan of sinh to, you can easily find all of them in the island. Not that expensive but still if you compare that price to the one at my hometown :D.

Con Dao is not that popular for seafood. All seafood I had in the island was alright. Food there is ok; keeping you full and get your energy back to continue exploring the island. Luckily we stayed near the local open market. We got up early to see the sun rising and then we went to the market. I got back to my Mekong schedule, i.e early big salty breakfast. There are a few food stalls inside the market, enough to feed your hungry stomach :). Trust me! There are all kinds of bun, banh uot, com tam, chao vit, chao long, etc. I was so happy to find my favorite Southern snack there: banh u, banh te, all types of xoi, che, etc. They made my days there. Plus, banh my thit or banh my op-la is everywhere. You cannot get starved if you get up early and have early meals like the local. Do not follow the foreigner tourist schedule as you cannot find any restaurants or food stalls after 7:00PM; if yes, the food was terrible!

Ah, our guest-house’s owner has a bakery. Yay! Fresh breads every 6:00AM every day. There were 3 different types. They are good at baking breads – of course Vietnamese style. I asked them if they wanted to do some other types. They said the local loved big light breads; exactly like we had in Mekong. 🙂

We were recommended a restaurant named Phuong Hanh. We did not make it there so I cannot write about it. Next time!

For all who love to have nice meals or 12-buck sandwiches, you are welcome to check Six Sense Resort, which is around 4-5km away from the town, on the way to the airport. They have all kinds of good food; Vietnamese, Westerner or even Japanese. Good location as well. Kind of professional services. Oh well, I do not want to spend that much money on food which I can get a lot in Saigon. I did go there at my b-day night with D. What did we order? LOL I will write about that in the coming post 🙂

to be continued…


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