Can Tho: Internet @ Home

My dad told me about unstable internet connection at home a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was just a bit technical issue. I told him to contact tech team to check. He did not know anything.

I got back home yesterday as I needed to get my bank doc done. I decided to get the internet done as well.  My parents do not like the current ISP. So, here what I did to cancel the current contract and make a new contract

Electricity ISP- contract cancellation

– all doc of contract cancellation were filled and signed

– I went to their office and was told to pay all bills of month May and Jun which was supposed for their customer service.

– I went to another office which was 50m++ away. Pre-paid for the bills of May and Jun. I was told to see a technical guy – I did not see anyone.

– I went back the ISP office – the girl said why I did not see that man. WTH? I asked and nobody showed up. She made a phone call. She told me everything about contract cancellation and internet disconnection were done. I asked for a receipt or any of proving that. She said I needed nothing.

– Nobody at that office asked me why I canceled the contract. Nobody cared when they lost one customer. Oh well, I guessed they had more VIP customers to take care of.

– I have no regret to cancel the contract with them.

VNPT ISP- signing a new contract

– I thought there would probably be some similar issues happening in the future. It would be better when either my mother or my dad sign on a new internet contract with a new ISP. Then, they can go to the office and work with the staff.

– I took my mother to VNPT office to sign a new contract. The girl there asked if we make a new connection line or use the current telephone line at home. We said we would use the current one. She asked for the home number. Then, she said my father’s name is on the telephone contract so he must sign on the Internet contract and show his original ID. Plus we need to give her his photocopy of his ID card.

– We all went back home, filled in the form again and of course with my father’s signature. We went back that office. We waited for 15mins. Everything was done. She said the Internet connection would be set up within 3 days. She mentioned that we could call the technical team to check facility at our house the following day. We might have Internet within a day.

– Unable to be sure if that ISP was a good choice.

All I did with 2 offices seemed no hassle. Just a bit annoying. Why did not they tell my parents in advance even though my parents asked? Why did they like to make their customers wasted that much time going back and forth? When will the Customer Service get better in my town?


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