28th! Am I really this close to being 30?

From Mrs Wilcox, these words seems very close to mine. I borrowed from her to express a bit about my current feeling.

“…Am I really 28 years old? Am I really this close to being 30?? Geesh!
My 28 years on this earth have sure been filled with every emotion you can think of. Anything anyone told me I did the opposite, I rebelled against everything I ever knew. It took me “joining the circus” to learn everything I needed to know about life, or I guess you can say what I thought life was all about. I learned that people can lie straight to your face and not think twice about it. I learned that some can be the most selfish people in the world. I learned that if you ever want anything done you have to do it yourself. But I also learned that I was a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. I realized that life can be so much more than what I was doing. So as I sit here and write this I can say without a shadow of doubt that my 28 years on this planet has been worth every single minute of it…” 
I thought about making a list of what I have done and not done last year. Oh well, who freaking cares about that, right? Every year, on the same day, I have posted one post about my day since 2007
My 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th are all there if you want to re-read them. My feeling and life have been up and down. I am glad that I have made it through with my family and friends.
To people I DO NOT like:
Life is very short. I do not want to argue or fight with you. It does not mean that I am afraid of you or you are always right. I just do not want to waste my life for nonsense things like that. Please do not make things more complicated than it should not be. Please remember that when your words come out of your mouth and they can hurt everyone, you hardly get all those words back. It is bad to hurt and get hurt.
To people I like:
Oh yeah, congrats! you will be my loved ones soon 😀 Well, thank you for coming to my life. Bad times and good times we have been through together. You have made a part of my life. I do hope we will cling to each other well as the way we are.
To people I love:
I am loving and will love you no matter what could happen. It might not the same to everyone. You all have a special place in my little heart. I am taking good care of each.
Thank you for everything. I have had fun time with you. I have learned a lot from you. I hope one day we will meet again with a big smile and a tight hug.
New age. New plans. Way to go!
To-do list before I reach 29 😛
– EU trip for Christmas and New Year
– USA trip for my brother’s graduation and my 29th 
– back on track for what-I-called career, focusing on Customer Service
No much to do but all are big plans. I do hope I can make them all true!!!

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