Foodie Journey: Open Market vs Supermarket

Open market and supermarket, which one do you prefer?

Always it is a hard question for myself.

I like supermarket. It is very convenient. No bargain.  I know exactly where to get items on my to-buy list. If items or food has problem, I know where to complaint.

I do not like supermarket. It takes forever to pay for the bill. Food and vegetable are fresh only in the morning, i.e @8:00AM when they open the supermarkets.

I like open market. I can find all kind of snacks I love like banh tet, banh chuoi nep nuong, etc. I like to observe people doing trade. I like the way sellers advertise their stuff. I like the open-air area.

I do not like open market. Bargain is a must-skill. Dirty area. I do not know where to buy things I want because sellers are mobile. I do not know if stuffs are real or fresh or chemical-used. I have no place to send my complaint.

So my personal way: combine them 🙂 Plus, it is better to shop food for meals with one more person. Quick. Helpful.

My mom is a super good sample for me 🙂


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