From Angela with love…

 Apr 14, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Dear Auntie AJ,

Right now I know that you are on your peaceful heaven, away from your pains and suffers. All family and friends are still shocked to hear the news. We cannot believe our beloved AJ is not here with us anymore.

I impressed when I first met you. You were not an American woman with blond hair and blue eyes as I thought. Being with you and spending time with you, even in a short time, I felt very close and trustful. You were so beautiful, AJ, in many ways. I knew you were old-fashion style 🙂 You started to email me just to say thank-you for your great trip. Later, checking your emails was my habit – my first thing – when I opened my inbox. I loved writing emails to you about all things like job, boys, travels, silly chit-chats and families. I remembered how proud you felt of little KK when she got her karate belts, when she lost her front teeth, when she got 5/5 for her spelling tests. You supported me a lot when I told you my dream of traveling around the world. You teased me when I talked about my special secretive men. Oh good memories of you.

You, Uncle Lee and little KK were with my family during the time Alex applied for Berea College. You always encouraged him and us. You took a very good care of him for meals, clothes, dressing style, study, etc. when he was there. To me, you were Alex’s second mom. You told me that at your age, your friends’ children all went to college and stuff. You were so proud of Alex and KK. You know, sometimes I was jealous with Alex that he was there with you and had so much great time with you and your little family. I wished I could have been there so much.

You will not be at Alex’s graduation day. You will not be at KK’s first day in middle and high school and even her college graduation. You will not make another trip to Viet Nam to enjoy Uncle’s hometown and bun. You will not do so many things. It is sad to think about these things. However, my dear, you were loved dearly by Uncle Lee, little KK and all of us. You brought to life a wonderful cute Kelly. You took a great care of her. You did meet Ba Noi. You did make it to Viet Nam. We met and we became very best friends.

So, my dearest AJ, I do not moan or cry. I am a strong little woman as you always say. You told me that life was hard but I would be stronger if I could get through all difficulties and challenges. I know you are now my guardian angel and happily accompany with me through my adventures in life. I will keep my promises with you no matter how hard and long it can take. I will make you proud of me. Your beauty, your generousness, your kindness, and your encouragement will always be with me. I love you, AJ – always.

Rest in peace and I will see you again where you call your heaven.

Much love from Viet Nam,



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