Again On-The-Jetplane Day at a Weird Time

We got up and hey it was the last day in PI.

We tried to use ATM to withraw money from A’s last card but failed. I found the post office to send a post card to my bro though. We wanted to see the black sand beaches, around 40mins away from Legazpi but we didn’t have enough time and money. I did not know if PI trip was that interesting as I thought. So many incidents happening. How could we make it to Malaysia and meet another friend in Mersing with 100USD in the pocket?

We were tired of thinking about any solution or whatever might pop up in our minds. We walked to the beach less than 10mins walking from the downtown in Legazpi. It was nice and dirty at the same time. We went through a local neighbor, which looked poor. We saw the Mayon Mt clearly. It was very nice. (according to Mayon Volcano is the Philippines’ most active volcano and is considered to be the world’s most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetrical cone. It is a basalticandesitic volcano. The upper slopes of the volcano are steep averaging 35-40 degrees and are capped by a small summit crater. Its sides are layers of lava and other volcanic material.) We saw the black sand beach somehow as well. We stayed there for around 30mins enjoying the wind fr the sea and took some pix. At least, we got to have something from the trip. A swam with whale sharks. We saw the mountains and black sand beach. A little fare-well gift for us, I think 🙂

After enjoying our short peaceful time, we checked out from our hostel, took 2 jeepies and walked a bit to Legazpi Airport. You should not even think because it is a small domestic airport, the security was simple. Not at all. Checked and checked, even searched on my body. Our flight was delayed for an hour as I remembered. I got out the waiting hall to grab some snacks, they re-checked me freshly when I went back. Checked my food which I bought on the other side of the waiting hall’s glass wall. Oh well, high secured. Very appreciated. For your information, domestic departure fee from Legazpi city is 30 peso.

We arrived at Manila around 5pm and met Paul, our good CSer friend who we met in Chiang Mai last year. We walked to a big building called Republic mall or something like that where there were a lot of casino, stores, fine restaurants, etc. Paul, kuya (big brother) treated us a big dinner at Louisianan style restaurant. I meant big cuz the portion was too big for me to finish. I got a fried chicken (4 big pieces) with mashed potato. Very yummy with San Miguel light beer. Meanwhile, Paul got pasta and A got roasted chicken. Good time with good friends as usual. Soon we had to say good-bye and hope to see each other or all together again.

Kuya was very nice to walk us to the bus station to get the bus to Terminal 1. He gave us a warning that the traffic would affect a lot. Around 7km could take more than 1 hour. OMG! Oh well, we loved spending time with him. We could take a small risk then. We hopped on a 20-peso bus and arrived at Terminal 1 around 10 minutes before they closed check-in counter. Again, yes again, we went through all security-checking processes. Anyway, we did not care that much. We passed all before. So that time, we took it easy.

Wait, on the boarding pass it said the flight would leave at 9:45PM while the ticket and e-notice board said it would leave at 9:30PM. Dang! Oh well, we would hear the call-all then. So, we decided to walk a bit checking out some stores in the airport. We bought some postcards and souvenirs for friends and family. We still had to wait for around 10 mins to actually get on board.

A long flight again. Around 2:30 hours, I think 😛 To me, it is long, ok? haha

Goodbye Philippines. Goodbye kuya. I will come back and explore you more next time with fully preparation 🙂


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