VN Trip: White? No white – Fairy? No fairy – Reggae and Shisha? Yeah!

It was very glad seeing Alex again, in Mui Ne, as a travel mate 😛

My first day in Mui Ne started a bit late. We took a bus from Nha Trang at around 8:45AM. The roads were under construction so it took more than 5 hours to reach Mui Ne. We arrived at Golden Sunlight Hostel around 1.30PM and waited for around 15mins to check in to our room. The hostel was pretty small, less than 10 rooms. There was a small yard in front of our room. The room is very simple but ok for me. It costed 10USD (200,000VND) per night with fan and cold water. We kind of rested and started to find a motorbike for rent. We walked more than 20mins and finally found out one place. It was weird when the motorbike’s owner refused to take my ID card as a deposit. Great!? Am I a Vietnamese? Is my Vietnamese ID card available nationwide? She accepted A’s student card instead. Oh well, it did not matter. We got a gear motorbike with 100,000VND per day. Plus, gasoline was kind of expensive in Mui Ne. When Alex came, things got easier though. We wanted to ride 3 persons on motorbike to that rental bike but Alex was so lucky. I called a xe om for him but that xe om driver asked me if we wanted to rent a motorbike, which was newer than the one we had and same price. Oh yeah, why not?

Three of us headed to fishing village for a quick-lunch before going to sand dunes, which is a highlight in Mui Ne. Way to go there was  quite easy. If you do not know how to get there, keep looking at some foreigners riding their motorbikes or some jeeps or even asking the locals. We saw red sand dunes first but we did not stop. The Lonely Planet said white sand dunes were more interesting and worthy visiting. We gave it a try. From the fishing village to white sand dunes, it was more than 30 km a bit. Very nice view on the way. We saw a very quiet and wild beach as well. Finally around 3:00PM we arrived. The sand was not WHITE, just bright yellow. They looked like Sahara desert, a bit 😛 We all went up to the top of the sand dunes where there were too much sandy wind. I thought the sand would be very hot but it was alright. We stayed there for around 30mins and heading back for the spring called Fairy Spring. On the way back, we stopped a bit at the quiet beach. It was very nice.

Way to Fairy Spring was not that clear. There was a sign but very small if you do not notice, it is easily for you to miss it. From our Golden Sunlight hostel – where we parked our bikes because there was not parking lot in/near Fairy Spring – we walked for around 10mins or less (turn left from the main gate of the hostel). We reached the small bridge where we turned left – also we saw the tiny sign saying THE FAIRY SPRING. We passed through a small alley attached to a local house. At the end of the alley, we saw the small red water spring. Some ladies there asked us to take off our shoes before going into the spring and walked upstream. The water was not that clean but still could be handled. Three of us walked upstream and the view was kind of nice. Some people told me that Fairy Spring looked like a tiny piece of Grand Canyon. Well, not really but it was nice to walk along the spring. There were some red sand dunes here as well. We decided to climb up to enjoy the sunset – which was not that nice because it was so cloudy that day =/ I had my own time alone enjoying the view, wind, and sand while Alex and A kept walking and exploring around. We sat down together talking and waiting for the sunset until around 6:00PM.

For two nights in Mui Ne, we always to Lam Tong popular restaurant for dinners. Food was good and price was reasonable. At the first night, I got a chicken curry with steamed rice, costing 35,000VND-40,000VND. It was a very good chicken curry during my VN trip this year. A and I also carried our bottle of Volka so that we could mix it with our fruit juices, which turned out very good :P. We went to 2 bars in Mui Ne: Wax Beach Club and PoGo bar. They were not that bad. We played pool at Wax Beach Club and listened to Reggae Music at PoGo bar. Drink price was reasonable. At Wax Beach Club from 6:00PM to midnight, you will have a free bottle of Saigon Green beer if you buy one, costing 30,000VND/bottle. I did not remember how much the drink at PoGo bar since I did not drink at all. I just remember that shisha costed us around 120,000VND. A chose double apple flavor, which was good. That was my third time. We met some other travellers from Aussie, UK and Germany and we mainly talked about travels and other nonsense things.

I had fun at the last night in Mui Ne with my two cool travel mates 🙂


One thought on “VN Trip: White? No white – Fairy? No fairy – Reggae and Shisha? Yeah!

  1. sounds like you’re having a great time. i went to vietnam last year for about 3 weeks, visiting saigon, nha trang and vung tau. i’m planning another trip same time this year but we’ll be going for about 4 weeks this time. hoping to go all over the place this time – starting from the very top: HANOI!

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