VN Trip: Beach – Wind – WindSurfing

Oh yeah, from Nha Trang to Mui Ne, windsurfing is everywhere. Look so cool. I am not sure if I can do that. I was wondering if I can do windsurfing with one other at the same time. A said no 😛

We spent most of the time in Nha Trang on the beach. We could not make it to Vinpearl since there were too many local people on Sunday. Very long line of tourists. Last day in Nha Trang was alright. Walking. Having a Western set menu lunch at almost 4:00PM :P. Having some fruit juice at Night Market near our hostel (we mixed our Volka with their fruit juice LOL)

We took a 8:15AM bus from Nha Trang to Mui Ne (90,000VND per ticket). They picked us up as first passengers and we had a free city tour in Nha Trang while they picked up other passengers. We actually left Nha Trang around 8:30-8:45AM. The bus ride was longer than I thought. We arrived at Mui Ne at 1:00PM. More than 5 hours for ~250km. Unbelievable. Scenery along the road was very nice. Sea and sand.

Our hostel is Golden Sunlight, 19B Huynh Thuc Khang (10USD per room per night) – a bit out of main touristic area and there is no direct beach/sea access; which means we had to walk a bit. It was worth 😛 A very quiet beach around less than 5 mins away from the hostel.

A and I rented a motorbike for 2 days here (200,000VND/bike/2 days). We went to a random beach after more than 15 mins riding the bike; just to look for a way to go to the beach. I saw many foreigners doing windsurfing and many windsurfing stores/agencies as well. Pretty cool.

Oh, sun, wind and sand!!


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