VN Trip Day 5: Catch Me If You Can

Weather in Hue was nice. Not too cold and not too hot.

Last night we tried to book hostels in Mui Ne and buses from Hue since we did not plan anything in advance. We had a problem with train system. I actually do not understand how it works. They write everything on the board: time and price. Yet, when I asked the women selling tickets that we wanted to go from Hue train station to Muong Man train station (belonging to Phan Thiet where we can take a taxi to Mui Ne). The first one said TN1 was not available because it carried “special people in military”. The second said all seats on TN1 were full. What the heck!?! Meanwhile, our hostel reception told us 2 seats on TN1 were available, just 5 minutes before we went to Hue train station to buy tickets by ourselves. A seemed very confused and me too. I could not explain what was going for him. So, we missed the train.

Buses from Hue to Mui Ne are very long and indirect rides. We checked with some tour agencies and directly with the bus companies and we had various prices and routes. Ms Diep at Asiana Travel Mate Hue helped us a lot. Much appreciated. Camel bus company offered price of 450,000VND per ticket; stop at Hoi An for an hour and stop at Nha Trang for a few hours. Some other places said 500,000VND per ticket. How expensive they are. We paid just 250,000VND per ticket for trip Ha Noi – Hue. More than 800km. Gosh. Then, we decided to break our trip. We thought we would go to Da Nang – a big hub for all means of transportation. From Da Nang we could either take a train or a bus to Mui Ne. Again, there was no direct buses. All buses seems to stop at Hoi An and Mui Ne. Local buses are the same. I mean real local buses. Again, we missed the bus to escape Hue.

Then, we were tired of thinking and planning. We got 2 boxed of rice and chicken for our brunch and rented a motorbike. We headed to Thuan An beach – 15km away from Hue city. Scenery along the way was nice. It was sunny but the wind was chilling so we all wore our wind jackets. The beach was alright. I did not see many people on the beach. There was no parking lot, but some restaurants. We stopped and looked around. They came out and told us that they could keep our motorbike with 5,000VND for the fee and if we used one of their chairs on the beach, we would pay 20,000VND for one chair. Gosh! Around 30minutes on the beach was enough. We decided to get back to our bus hunting to Mui Ne.

On the way riding back to Hue (around 12:40PM), I called Asiana Travel Mate and hoped they could help us a bit with bus info. We agreed to go to either Da Nang or Nha Trang and spend 1-2 days there. Ms Diep helped us book 2 seats with An Phu Bus Company. Of course, it was not a direct bus. It was fine though. We were picked up at 1:30PM at our hostel; got on a 30-seat bus and left Hue around 2:25PM. We arrived at Hoi An and did not spend time waiting for the next bus. A man from the company collected all passengers who went to Nha Trang and took all of us to the sleeper bus. This time, the sleeper bus looked nicer and cleaner. A and I picked the very back seats which seems more comfortable than others on the bus. The ride was nice enough for me to catch some sleep. It was a non-stop ride or maybe I was sleeping all the way 😛 We arrived at Nha Trang around 6:00AM the next day.

I was a bit sick and did not know why. Too much buses? haha, I do not think so. Maybe weather changes.


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