VN Trip Day 4: Formula-1-Non-Sleeping Bus from Ha Noi to Hue

As our cruise schedule, we had breakfast at around 7:30AM with lots of slided bread, fried egg, salad (the same for all meals on the cruise). It was raining though. We could not visit Luon Cave, but a floating fish farm. A said it was a bit strange to him to see people catching and selling seafood like that. Thai family bought a lot of squid, fish, crabs and all were put on plastic bags alive. The kitchen staff would cook them later for lunch.

To kill time, I talked to anh Dung and found out a bus from Ha Noi to Hue. The company is Hung Thanh Bus (62B Tran Quang Khai, Ha Noi). It was a sleeper bus; not new and clean much. Price was 250,000VND per person; bought directly at their office. Our bus left at 6:30PM as the girl in the office told us. We managed to get dinner and got back on time at 6:00PM. However, we had to wait until 7:30PM to depart . There were some problems with other passengers and all were checked very well for tickets. Anyway, we finally left. A changed the seat on the top of the toilet so it was a bit longer and straight; much comfortable than other seats on the bus. I thought I could sleep well during the night as usual. Oh well, I was totally WRONG. Because we were late, the bus driver sped up too fast. He passed all trucks and other buses carelessly. I was fucking scared and kept telling myself: just a few hour left. Time seemed to stay still. So long to reach Hue =(. At 8:00AM we were still in Quang Tri. Until around 9:00AM the day after, we finally arrived at Hue (Glad that all still survived). A told me that he could sleep but also scared a bit. OMG!

F1 non sleeping bus

We were picked up by a man from Original Binh Duong 1 (17/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue) which was very very close to the drop-off place. Our room was OK. Price was 200,000VND per standard room per night. It was a double-bedded room with 2 windows and hot water. The staff was friendly. Many Asian tourists at the guesthouse though.

After showering, we started to visit Imperial Palace/Citadel in Hue for around 2 hours. They have not finished maintaining the area yet. My friend said it would be done in 2020. Pretty long time. We had a late lunch with Thuy – Thompson Lee – the key person of Asiana Travel Mate office in Hue (42 Le Loi, Hue). He took us to a local restaurant to try banh loc, banh beo, bun hen and then coffee on the street 🙂 Shoot, coffee was very strong and they put a lot of condense milk on. He helped me a lot with info around Hue and transportation to head to South. I also stopped by to see his office. The staff was very nice and friendly.

Hue is unchanged. I could not make it back to my fav restaurant, which I still cannot remember its name since it is located in a small alley. Next time, babe!

me, enjoy che Hue on the street near the Citadel

We had dinner at Stop&Go with pho ga, chicken taco – very good 😛 Nice walking back to our guesthouse with cool weather.

Hue always gives me a peaceful feeling no matter how and when I visit


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