VN Trip Day 3: Foggy Ha Long Bay

Back to Ha Long for the 3rd time.

I did not wake up on time this morning and I did a silly mistake: losing the dorm key. I had to pay 40,000VND for this stupid thing. Anyway, we arrived at Asiana Travel Mate’s office on time (21 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ha Noi). From here, we went around The Old Quarter to pick other passengers up. We left Ha Noi around 9:00AM heading to Quang Ninh where Ha Long Bay is located. I slept most of the time on the way as usual. Our tour guide today is Mr. Dung – seems a nice person. We stopped for 30mins at a lacquerer and stone shop like my last times.

We arrived at Ha Long Bay boat’s station around more than noon. Crowded. Noisy. It was awesome that I met 4 friends who I met on the bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon 2 weeks ago. Pretty nice. They seemed that they had a good time in Viet Nam.

Oriental Sails is a 3-star stander cruise belonging to Asiana Travel Mate. Today there are 14 passengers on board: one old French couple, a solo Swedish man, a Swedish family, a Thai family and us. We were welcome on board with cold tissues and passionfruit juice. We checked-in into our room which was a twin-bedding cabin but two beds were connected closer. The room is not big, so small actually. Beds, pillows and blankets are alright; enough to keep me warm over night.

We had lunch at 1:30PM. It was a big lunch. Too much deep-fried dishes for me. After taking a short break, we went to visit Amazing Cave and did kayaking. Very cool. It got dark so fast that we could not enjoy a long kayak ride. It was just around 15 minutes. I wanted to go further though.

The French man was so fun during the trip. He started to talk to all passengers on board but he seemed that he did not know English much. He used hands a lot to express what he wanted to tell. The Thai family always took photos. The little girl of the family was very cute by the way.

Diiner was also a big one: le nem, chicken soup, etc. A and I finished dinner and planed to stay on upper deck for 5mins but after less than a minute we changed our mind immediately since it was fucking cold and windy. Inside of our cabin was much warmer and more cozy.

I found out one common thing for most of cruises I took in Ha Long Bay that cabins are small but beds are big. We did not have enough space walking around the bed much. Small bathroom as well. Anyway, it is just a boat, not a real cruise 😛

a view of Ha Long Bay from Amazing Cave

Boats on Ha Long Bay

me on Oriental Sails Cruise

Inside Amazing Cave – that stone shape can bring many imaginations

food was not that bad 🙂




One thought on “VN Trip Day 3: Foggy Ha Long Bay

  1. Wow, you ran into 4 friends who we met on the bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon? Quite a coincidence! How much longer will they be in Vietnam?

    No photos? I wonder what “Amazing Cave” looks like.

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