VN Trip Day 2: No Coin in Ha Noi, Really!?!

Halo my 2nd day in Ha Noi!

Getting up around 9:30AM, I was ready for a city day 🙂 Breakfast at The Drift Backpackers Hostel was very simple. You can make your own toast and use maragette and jam. There are coffee and tea as well. Yet, this morning I think I was late so there were no many things left. I got a glass of hot tea and 2 slides of toast. No really full. The girl in the kitchen was not helpful. She did not tell me about breakfast part in the kitchen. I had to observe people around and manage to make my breakfast. It would be nicer if there is brief or signs saying where to get dishes, cups or things for breakfast. Then guests wont ask a lot of common questions.

A and I walked up to Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, turning to Dong Xuan market where A got a couple of sport clothes. We continued walking to the Old Quarter and had our brunch on the way. We got some breads, small pizza, and baguette (92,000VND in total). We sat down at a local coffee shop for smoothie (55,000VND for one mango and one avocado smoothie). Later on, we wandered in the Old Quarter. Everything is the same for me. Nothing much impressed. I wanted to get a wallet. We found one but dang! it is way expensive for me (500,000VND, w/o bargain). I really like it but I do not I can afford that thing when I am on the road like now. Probably a b-day gift from my brother 😛

Ha Noi – blurry memories

We headed to Hoan Kiem Lake. I told A about the story Returning Sword which I learned and heard a lot since I went to school. Kind of funny story 🙂 The lake’s water is so green. It was foggy so my photos were not that good light on. I saw at least 3 couples doing wedding photo shoots which was very cool 🙂 A got an idea of eating ice-cream. I thought about Trang Tien ice-cream but I just do not like the way they do to customers so we ended up by walking along Dinh Le street where there are many bookstores selling new books with reasonable/or sometime cheap price compared to their original prices. We did not buy any book though. We got 7 postcards instead and it was 5,000VND each.

and clear memories

Plus, before going to Dinh Le st, we stopped by Buu Dien Thanh Pho (Ha Noi Post Office) to send a post card to Paul – our friend. It turned out that I left his post card at the dorm. How clumsy I was! There were two things at the post office. First, one lady kept asking me about buying stamps when I told her that “No, thanks!”. She then asked me if I needed some post cards and later money exchange. It was annoying. I told her so clearly that I did not need anything from her and please leave me alone. Second, the post office employee told me a wrong price for 3 stamps. She did not listen to the clients. She thought she was always right. I told that please double check since the price she told me was too much. Finally, I showed her the stamps and she said the correct price. Oh well, people at customer service dept need to be trained more.

A seems not to understand much how different between people here and in HCMC and how I hate people here. Some of them are very nice, I admit. Generally, if I do not have anything to deal with them, I leave them alone.

Before heading back to our hostel, we got Fanny ice-cream (around 120,000VND for two) and stopped by Asiana Travel Mate office in 21 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ha Noi to reconfirm the pick-up service. We will take a taxi to their office instead being picked up at our hostel. Anh Linh told us a bit about the transportation to Cuc Phuong National Park. He was very careful to write down all. Hopefully our adventurous trip to Cuc Phuong is fine 🙂

A finished registering his classes for next semester at our hostel. We went out for our dinner at 9:00PM. All were closed but a seafood restaurant nearby. The dinner costed around 250,000VND for two with grilled squid (which was cold), French fried with ketchup (not butter and sugar) and noodle with mixed seafood with one beer and one lemon juice. A bit pricy for tonite 😛

I am ready for Ha Long trip tomorrow. I cant wait to check the 3-star Oriental Boat 🙂

NOTE: I have noticed that many people say NO to coins, all kind of Vietnamese coins. In some nice restaurant, they still do. I tried to give coins to some taxi drivers, bookstore owners and other small stores’ owners, and sellers’ in Dong Xuan Market. There is NO official announcement about this. Huh? Saying NO to national currency. Hello Angie, you are still in Viet Nam!


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