VN Trip Day 1: On-The-Road Day

Hello Hanoi!

The pretty sure thing on my every first day of my trip is On-The-Road Day 🙂

This morning at 7AM A and I took Phuong Trang Express Bus from Can Tho to HCMC. The ride was a bit faster than I thought. We arrived at Saigon around 10:30AM. We got back home, packing and resting a bit before our flight at 5:20PM.

I know I should not go to the airport that early for any domestic flights. We took time, bought baguettes and food. Slowly enjoy the bread and Austria sausage 🙂 At the boarding time, nobody called us to do boarding process. It turned out that our flight to Ha Noi was delayed until 7:05PM. They at first said they would serve us a free dinner at the airport’s restaurant. Later, they changed and just served us free drink (soft drink and water). A and I hung out in the airport and found hostels in Ha Noi to spent over night. Finally, we got on board. Pretty small bombardier plane, around 100 passengers. Friendly staff. We got a simple dinner (noodle, chicken, veggie and yogurt). I was surprised when the meal was included. I guess I used to travel too much with AirAsia who do not offer included meals 😛

We arrived at Ha Noi around 10:00PM, taking a mini-bus from the airport to 01 Quang Trung – a mini bus station headquarter. Normally its cost is 30,000VND/person. Yet, tonight, there were 8 people on the bus and they wanted to go home early instead of waiting until there were enough 15 passengers. The price was slightly increased: 50,000VND/person.

We got to Drift Backpackers Hostel (42 Truong Han Sieu) from the mini-bus station by Mailinh taxi – a very tiny one (04 38 61 61 61) with 17,000VND. The driver said NO when I paid him in coins. He told me that in Ha Noi people no more use coins. Bummer!

Drift Backpackers Hostel is pretty like some guesthouse in Thailand and other countries I have visited. There are a 4-bed dorms, 6.5USD/bed and normal rooms. Look very backpacker. We checked in at almost 11PM so we got a special deal; just for tonight. If you book rooms on-line, the rate is around 4uSD/bed. Pretty good. It reminds me of Nomad in Phnom Penh. I have not taken any photo yet since everyone in the room is sleeping. 🙂

Tomorrow is a day for A. I am kind of done with the city. I just wanna eat bun cha again and walking along Hoan Kiem lake. This city – too much memories.

The day after tomorrow we will head to Ha Long Bay 🙂

Plus, the weather and temperature are pretty cool now. I like it. Enough to wear my fav warm hoodie but not too much to shake my body 🙂


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