Cambodia Day 6: Jumping Day

So many things to write about today. I had a blast. I joined a new group calling Jumping Group. We think about taking a photo of ourselves jumping at a place we visit and send it to the other group member. I love the idea.

Right now I am too tired to remember everything of today. I will get back to update this post tomorrow.

Here is a photo of me jumping at Bakong Temple

Ok, I am back to continue this post. I am not able to remember much after another busy fun day like today (Feb 7). I am listing all things I did on Feb 6 😛 which is not my traditional way for writing on my travel blog

Around 7:30AM after stopping by Blue Pumpkin to grab our take-away breakfast, we headed to Baeng Srei – the Pink Temple, 36km away from Siem Reap. Too many tourists and I hated it. The temple is not that big but it is pretty – I really like the carvings on the walls.

Later, we visited Rolous Group and one of the floating villages on Tonle Sap. On the way, we got an idea of taking photo of us jumping up. Pretty cool. We did that at all places we visited on Feb 6; even on the rice paddies on the way to the floating village.

My travel mates were cool. I had so much fun with them. My new CSer friends are much older than I but they do not act as they are old. They are energetic, active and knowledgeable. They also have a sense of humor; it was always fun to have them around.  I am going to miss them a lot after the trip.

Costing for Feb 6

– Entrance Ticket to Angkor Wat Complex: 20USD/ticket (this time, my face looked cool on the ticket, :D)

– tuk-tuk ride for a whole day: 40usd/ group of 4

– Lunch at a “mekong-restop’ Khmer restaurant: something like 4usd/person

– Dinner at Yello Papaya restaurant: 3usd/person

Plus, we found a local restaurant out of Pub St which is pretty cheap and good local food. I ordered 2 dishes and it costed me 3usd.

I did enjoy the trip and wish I could continue my trip to Kampot with Dietmar as well.


2 thoughts on “Cambodia Day 6: Jumping Day

  1. Thanks for these compliments: old, but funny. Like the granny wheeling in circles in the park. energetic: I took no drugs, Viagra or something else.
    But you are right: we had a lot of fun. Thanks for joining me.
    Miss u too

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