Southeast Asia Trip: Rest and Prost – Siem Reap, Cambodia

I spent a whole morning sleeping to get back my energy. The cold water in the room made me sneeze a lot after shower but it definitely woke me up. I read for one hour and then checked some emails. My late morning was spent in Wat Preah Prom Rath where I had my red blessing string thanks to a local 18-year-old female student. I do not like the wat much since it looks similar to other wats I have seen during my S.E.A trip. I appreciated a lot when that student helped me translate into Khmer to the head monk of the wat about my wish of the red blessing string.

It was a pleasant feeling staying at the wat by yourself. Quiet and safe atmosphere.

The main gate of Wat Preah Prom Rath, Siem Reap @ 4:30PM Feb 5, 2011

I had a nice time with that girl whose wish to be a Japanese speaking tour guide. She told me that her brother and her family do not want her to be a tour guide. I know how hard the job will be for a young girl, especially in Cambodia where there are not many open-minded people around. However, I told her that she should follow her dream, practice more and do what she wants. She should not care what other people think about her. She should decide her future – knowing one foreign language is a great chance for her to see the world outside. I encouraged her to follow her dream. I do hope that next couple of years when I have a chance to get back Siem Reap and I am lucky enough to meet her, she will be a great female Japanese speaking tour guide in Angkor Wat complex.

Later around 6:30PM, Dmar, Elliot and I followed Maeng’s cousin – our tuk-tuk driver – to the local place where they call it “picnic place”. It turned out a place to have dinner, beer and enjoy entertainment like merry-go-around and stuff. Food here was pretty cheap. There were four of us. We ordered 4 banh xe, 4 spring rolls and costed 11,000R. In Khmer, people have the same name for Vietnamese pancake: banh xeo and spring roll: nem. They were good. I also got a banana roti for my dessert which costed 3,000R. I really like the local food, not because it is cheap but it is also delicious and home-made.

Banh xeo and goi cuon – Vietnamese crepes and fresh spring rolls

my bowl of banh xeo

my dessert: banana roti with condense milk and Milo Chocolate powder @ Picnic Place @ 6:45PM Feb 5, 2011

Around 7:00PM, there was a live music show performed by a band from Phnom Penh and got sponsor from Anchor Beer. We had to wait for more than haft an hour and kept watching the same commercial ad and same sounds (I think they said the same things over and over again in Khmer). Finally I saw one performance of hip-hop/break-dance and a bit Khmer pop song. Local people looked like they enjoyed the show a lot. Many and many people bought Anchor Beer Smooth. Buy 4 beers to get 1 free Tshirt, costing 5,000R. Many young kids around us collected the empty cans and resell them with 100R for 2 cans. Not bat at all for them. However, I saw so many beggars and young kids around. I did not feel comfortable.

The local live music show sponsored by Anchor Beer Smooth @ 7:30PM, Feb 5, 2011

Cambodia has changed a lot; which is good and bad at the same time. I think it is the same situation like that in Viet Nam.

Around 8:00PM, we decided to get back to Pub Street. Dmar and E did a Dr. Fish Feet Massage. Pretty fun. Later we wandered through Pub Street, got some beer at The Temple Bar where I wanted to have a Tshirt. They do not have S size for me though. Too bad.

Dr. Fish Feet Massage 🙂 @ 8:00PM, Feb 5, 2011

Khmer Traditional Dance @ The Temple Bar, @9:15PM, Feb 5, 2011

Pub Street, Sieam Reap @ 11:00PM Feb 5, 2011: RULES!!! 😛

Yay, I am ready for the trip tomorrow starting at 7:00AM. Haha, I hope I won’t over-sleep 🙂


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