Cambodia Day 3: Freezer Bus

We took a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap at 12.30am. I think I got cheated. The receptionist guy said it would be a sleeper bus but a normal chair bus. I’d rather spend 5usd for a regular bus. Dang!

The temperature on the bus was set below 20c degree. I was frozen. I got 2 blankets by chance. I hardly moved or straightened my legs. An uncomfortable bus ride for my 1st trip of this year. I managed to sleep a bit. Otherwise, I would totally k.o

We arrived at a local bus station which was 3.5km something away from Siem Reap town. The bus station seemed in the middle of nowhere. The bus came inside the station which actually was the big yard. Someone locked the gate right after that. Later, there was another bus coming. They opened the gate then we all got outside. Luckily, Maeng, a CS and a G.H owner in Siem Reap, arranged a tuk tuk driver for us so that we quickly got on his tuk tuk and headed to the town.

Maeng helped us a lot about temple trips, tuk tuk rides, and other info. I won’t do touristic things this time. Just resting and meeting some CSers. I found out that I can’t afford for 3-day entrance ticket to the temple complex. This time, I will explore other temples but Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.

Chhorvivorn Guesthouse is alright. A bit more spacy than that in PP. A twin-bedded room costs 8usd per night, w.o hot water and w. a fan and wifi. Not bad for backpackers like me. I slept for a whole morning since we checked in to the guesthouse. I plan to visit the temple complex tomorrow though.

I walked a bit this afternoon to locate where I am in the town. My current guesthouse is opposite to the one I stayed two years ago 🙂 I went to the FCC, the post office as well. The lady at the main post office charged me 4,000R for 2 stamps which were just 3,000R. I do not like it when I got ripped off. She totally understood my question of how much the stamps were. She pretended not to get me when I said it was just 3,000R printed on the stamps. Oh well, she just wanna pocket a bit money from tourists. Next time, I should prepare three notes of 1,000R 🙂

Cambodian stamps – sending a postcard to U.S.A

Maeng’s brother rode me to Angkor Wat ticket counter on time. He is nice and a bit shy. He is a good driver as well. I had to wait for around 10mins to be taken photo and get my entrance ticket to Angkor Wat complex. This time, my face looks a bit silly on the ticket haha. It is kind of fun that every time I come to visit Siem Reap, my hair is short and I wear the same necklace 😛 cool, huh.

I spent around 45min in Angkor Wat for the sunset. Pretty cool. I love the moment of being a lot enjoy the sunset, no matter where I am. Angkor Wat of course is unchanged. Thousands of tourists, local and foreigners. This time, I saw more cars and more motorbikes than two years ago.

Sunset @ Angkor Wat at 5:00pm, Feb 3, 2011

I got back my guesthouse and started to find a rental bike place. There is one next to my guesthouse run by a Chinese man named Ben Ly. He seems nice and helpful. I rent a bike just 1usd/day. I like the bike with silver color and it is in very good condition. I biked to meet Nikki, an active CSer in Siem Reap, for a great Khmer dinner at Star Rise restaurant; just passing the corner of Wat Bo Road and National Road crossroad and the restaurant is on the right side – humble and small one 🙂 I have my first amok made by a Khmer person and in a Khmer local restaurant – not like a Westernized one in Phnom Penh. Plus, the crepes is a highlight haha. Pretty cheap compared to meals in PP. I love to hang out in Siem Reap.

I will meet a business partner tomorrow evening and later will join the Siem Reap CS meeting. Hopefully we can find some more travel mates along the trip 🙂

Happy New Year from Siem Reap 🙂

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