Cambodia Day 2: New Experience

“Always write down all when you talk about rates”

Night bus at 12:30AM from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap costs 8usd/person. At hostels, you should pay in USD rather than Riel
No pick up cuz new year while at the other time of the year, this service is available.
Lunch at Friend the restaurant with 25,000R – supporting street children in Cambodia. Actually I went to a similar restaurant in Vientiane, Laos P.R.D with my friend Eliza and her friends.

Tuk tuk ride costs 5,000R per person from Friends the restaurant to S-21 Museum (whose distance is less than 4km). Entrance fee of s21 is 8,000r

Touch place, not able to imagine they used the school as a prison torturing and killing ppl. Photos will be uploaded soon when I remember hehe 🙂

Walked around 1mile to Phnom Penh hackspace. Pretty cool. 1month born place, webcam live, card keys, ac, 3g internet, big living downstairs basically for backspace, 1 room with big screen and projector – that’s all about the place. Hopefully we will get back there again. This time people there seemed busy at work. The guy named Long is very friendly – he is originally from Battambang – near Siem Reap (if you wanna go there, you will take a  5-hour bus ride though :D)
Got 4000r red Khmer scarf – which I think if I should keep it for myself or give it as a gift hehe

Blogging at Restaurant Gastronomique International Cuisine by the Tonle Sap River, Phnom Penh, Cambodia at 7:30PM, Feb 2, 2011 🙂

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