On-Da-Road Life: Pack and Go

Okie lah, I had a kind-of farewell party with my team, my project tonight. I was glad working with them during 4 months more or less. The project succeeds. New challenge is done. Now it is the time to get back the road and look for a new challenge in my life.

I got home a bit late and started talking to my housemate E about our trip to Cambodia. He made a to-bring list already. We discussed a bit and finally after around one hour we are done listing things. Pretty cool. I like to work with him on planning. We will travel light, i.e bring as less as possible. The original plan is around 6-7 days in Cambodia, mainly visiting Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Later, I know that I can stay in Cambodia longer. Plan is changed a bit and right now we are using the original one as our outline. We will bring the Lonely Planet along. Probably we will head to the South of PP, then up to the North and finally take a bus back to HCMC (around 12-hour bus ride).

I am so excited to head to the road again.

Camera: checked.

Backpack with all my necessary stuffs: checked.

Money: checked (very budget for this time – a new challenge for my personal traveling experience).

Passport: checked.

Journal: checked.

I think it will be fine for more than a week traveling. We’ll see how things can happen.

Happy Vietnamese New Year and Best Wishes to All of You!


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