On The Road Again

I feel I am lucky; always lucky. I have many chances traveling around. Not too far to America, Australia or EU; but enough to be proud of myself.

I have just decided to get back to the road. I adjust my job and arrange time for traveling at the same time.

Right now, my housemate E and I is preparing for our one-week trip to Cambodia early Feb. We mainly visit 2 highlight places there: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap – all by buses. I will have another stamp on my passport – crossing Vietnam and Cambodia border at Moc Bai. Pretty cool.

The second travel plan I am working on is for my A. He will be in HCMC for least than 20 days; which is around mid-Feb. I want to take him to visit all places where I have been. We just do not have enough time though. Our highlight places are 1/Mekong Delta – my home sweet home; 2/Ha Long Bay – World Heritage; 3/ Ha Noi – Viet Nam’s capital; 4/ Cuc Phuong National Park – we want to do a bit trekking; 5/ Hue – Viet Nam’s old capital; 6/ Mui Ne – A wants to do a bit windsurfing and he loves oceans and beaches; and 6/ HCMC – where I am currently staying and working. Six places for 17 days. We will take one flight from HCMC to Ha Noi; one cruise trip on Ha Long Bay and the rest will be bus rides. We are travelling on budget as usual.

I hope I will not get broken after this VN Trip. Since my third trip right after this will be 1-week travel abroad to Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia with A early Mar. A and I have not been in Philippines before. We do hope to see our good travel big bro again there. A has not been in the SinCity. We have some mutual friends in Malaysia. The coming trips are going to be so fun.

I try my best to have enough money before these trips.

Wish me luck.

was waiting for the ferry in a very hot afternoon with nothing on my stomach 😛


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