Friendship: Reunion with Mathilde

Today is Dec 19!

Today, my dear friend M comes back HCMC after almost 3.5 years away. I did not mean to cry but since I met her walking out from the arrival terminal, I hardly held my tears. Such a long time. All good memories rushed back. Emotional girl underneath an active outside appearance. I am so glad to see her. M has not changed; still the girl I’ve known. I rode her back my apt on T’s motorbike, which was a nice and safe trip back home, haha. We prepared and cooked dinner together with E. Our dinner is quite Westerner style with gratin definois, grilled chicken, brown rice, brown bread and boiled green bean. There are so many stories to share. Sadly that M had an appointment with her friend in Dalat so she could not spend her first night at my apt. She is coming back soon definitely.

My first home dinner with a new electric oven


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