Writing: Letter for Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you are doing well and ready for the coming Christmas.

I am a bit older to ask for Christmas gifts. Yet, who cares? I am sending you this email for my present list.

This year, I have been a good girl ;). I have done many good things and learned a lot of life things. Actually I do not have any wish for this year. I think again though. Here are what I wish for this Christmas

First of all, I would love to have a new pair of Converse. My old one is broken and I left it in Chiang Mai 😛 after three and a half years using it

Second, I wish I can have a novel collection by Marc LEVY – It is pretty hard to find English versions for this collection. So far, what I have had are in Vietnamese. Otherwise, all in French on amazon.com

– Le premier jour (The first day)

– The Shadow Thief

– The premiere nuit (The first night)

– If Only It Were True

– Will You Be There?

– Seven Days for An Eternity

– In Another Life

– Finding You

 – London Mon Amour

 – Children of Freedom

 – All Those Things We Never Said

 Third and last one, the latest novel by Nicholas Sparks – which is Safe Haven

That’s all I wish for this Christmas, my dear Santa Claus 😉

It would be pretty cool if you can present me all. One of them is also good for me 😉

Looking forward to receiving your gifts

Thank you and have a safe ride




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