The Man I Will Marry…

The Man I Will Marry…

(me): someone who still thinks I’m pretty even if I have no makeup on and even if my hair is messy

(me): someone who will play with my hair while I’m lying down on his thighs

(me): someone who will give me a back and head massage whenever  I feel pressured  and stressed

(me): someone who will buy me my comfort food whenever I feel bad

(me): someone who will treat me right

(me): someone who could get along with my family and friends

(me): someone who will not think I’m stupid

(me): someone who’s very responsible to take care of me and our family

(me): someone who will spoil me

(me): someone who will cook for me

(me): someone who will surprise me, big or small

(me): someone who will watch big fireworks with me

(me): someone who’s willing to do spontaneous stuff with me

(me): someone who hugs me on my waist surprisingly

(me): someone who will passionately make out with me

(me): someone who will never try to hurt me

(me): someone who knows how to cry in front of me

(me): someone I can trust

(me): someone who trust me






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