On-Da-Road Life: Abroad Time

My abroad time has not been that long to feel or experience everything. Just some thoughts came up last night and my writing pushed me to log in my blog and express all 🙂

I have seen and experienced kind of various things. Some make me happy. Some make me sad. I guess life is up and down. I am living it in a way that I feel comfortable and happy 🙂

A small summary of my abroad life
– The age people think how old I am: in a range between 15-18 years old. Then it comes with big surprised eyes and an O mouth when they hear my real age.
– The nationality people think who I am the most: Singaporean
– The rice dish I love the most: nasi lemak ayam lerong in Malaysia
– The drink I love the most: teh tarik in Malaysia
– The sticky rice dish I love the most: khao naew mamuang in Chiang Mai, Thailand
– The songs I listen to the most on the road: Hate that I love you, Country Road, and California (Phantom Planet). They are changeable sometimes 😛
– The movie I watch the most on the road: Madagascar – Africa Escape. Why? It is on my iPod haha
– Tan: there is no tan on my body even though I have tried a lot. Weird!
– The transportation I love the most: MRT in Singarpore
– The place I love to go back the most: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia where I will climb on the summit of Mt. Kinabalu
– The place I love to live for a long time: Chiang Mai, Thailand
– The foreign language I am working on now: Thai
– The most creative dish I have made so far: mashed potato with coconut milk
– And there are many other things on the list… I am lazy to list them out haha. Sorry guys!

I always write on my journal and draw, and stick a lot of tickets on, business cards as well. Writing journal keeps myself busy and tracking what I did, what I spent, what I saw, how I felt.

I am a lucky girl. That’s the truth. I have so many good friends around Southeast Asia. They help me without asking anything in return. They let me know more about local lives, local food and drink. I have seen various lifestyles. The more I go, the less I know about the world. One big thing on my list when I get back Viet Nam is that I will host all my friends at my place in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City when they come to visit me or just simply travel in Viet Nam. For what they have done for me (which I have appreciated so much), they are deserved for the best things in VN (which I can do :P)

I have learned many good and precious lessons.

– Of living with multinational and cultural people, I have chosen a harmony way to live with them. I do not give any resist to anyone. I give them and myself a certain time to get to know each other. Simply I do not judge people because I do not want them to do that to me.

– Of dealing with emotional feeling, I want to feel more than spending time thinking whether it is right or wrong. I let my heart speak its words out and I follow my heart. Also, I have found out that right now I do not want to be so attached with any man. I love to have fun. No attachment. No serious relationship. No responsibility. No fucking care of love.

– Of making important decision, I make a list of advantages and disadvantages. I have spent a bunch of time on it. I put priority on my career. All I am doing now is for my tourism career. I know my working experience is not a lot. I have just started working on this industry. I need to work harder on it before I take a real break and spend more time on my free-lance career.

– Of spending money from a little budget while I do not really make money, this is really hard; the hardest thing I have to deal. I eat and live like a local. I cook as much as I can. I am not a shopping girl, which helps a lot. I am willing to work as a volunteer with my skills to get meals in return. I cannot say that I can handle everything smoothly. Still, some complicated things need solved soonest. I am more mature, braver, and more independent though.

My life is moving on and on. Many things are awaiting me. I am ready for all possible and impossible things, for good and bad things, for sad and happy things, for everything I mean 🙂

C’est la vie.


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