On-Da-Road Life: Home Sweet Home, Always!

I got back home really late. I did not sleep on the way back home. Weird! 1st time. Maybe I was excited?! Maybe I wanted to see what I had not seen for a while!?

Some things knocked me out right after I was back

1.  4 city buses ignored me when I waved them – WTF!?!

2. Conservation with a girl waiting at the bus stop

the girl: are you wearing your cellphone in the front? (I had my iPod on my little pocket)

me: not really. what’s up?

the girl: don’t you scare that someone will rob it from you? (then, she looked at me with serious concerned eyes)

me: really? I didn’t know

the girl: yes, you should know. Put it into your backpack. Do not show off anything. Keep your backpack in your eyes. It is dangerous for you, alone girl (I translated exactly what she told me)

me: thank you a lot!

—> god! no comment. I remember when I was in Burma or Thailand, I used to think as that girl but I was wrong. It was not that terrible. I am a Vietnamese and feel a bit shame when I am in Viet Nam. WTF!?!

3. I could not sleep on the city bus because of the noise and because the bus driver yelled, swore and pressed a horn loudly all the way to West Bus Terminal for 30 minutes. When I got off the bus, I was glad that I was still survived.

Yet, I knew just some were terrible. There were many good things and good people around in the city

1. Some random people helped me find bus numbers and told me which bus stop I could get the right bus I needed. They thought I was a student, I thought. They helped me because they thought I was like them – not have been born in this city and just stay here for working.

2. Friendly and helpful express bus staff helped me to get back home soon and safely

I used to be annoyed with such things. Now, I look at them in another side and enjoy my new thoughts. Everything has two sides. When I cannot expect the bad one, I try to see its  good side.


Mom made so many good food. She made my bed and cleaned my room. She stayed up late to wait for me. How sweet she is! I talked to my parents a bit of everything. I love them so much.

I am leaving in 2 days, again.


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