Selfie: Alone or Not Alone?

Last night, I suddenly felt I need a man. I felt it would be great if in the following morning, lying next to me was a man I love and care. Then, I would feel peaceful. I am an independent woman. I have a good job. I have everything. I am not afraid of getting old and staying alone. A man I need should be a good buddie.

So many things I want at a man. I do not make a list. Otherwise, it looks like I am posting an ad of looking for a boyfriend.

I do need a tender hug, a soft caress, and a ‘good-night’ kiss on my forehead before going to sleep. I do need encourages when I am down.

I do need a shoulder to lean on when I fall. I do need a good talk about everything coming up.

I do need to share things with the man I need – not everything.

I do need an honesty, friendliness, and a sense of humor from the man I love.

I do need to have some common hobbies like photography, cooking or movies but I also do need each of us to have our own differences.

I do need he to be himself, the ‘he’ I know and love.

I do need he to understand me when I need my own space sometimes; like travelling by myself, staying in my room alone.

I do need a lot from the man I love.

I am using pronounce I, not because I think of myself. Simply I think if I do not know what I need or whether I understand myself, I cannot do anything for the others. Of course, I will respect all things he needs.

I do have a list of I do not like
– alcoholic
– smoker
– gambler
– “player”
– macho
– dummie of Internet and foreign language
– “mommy” man


I also found out some reasons that I have not seen any new ones
– being afraid of getting hurt
– not being able to stay with the man long enough because of differences or distance

**I found this post funny. Just an emotional feeling when I am alone.


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