Selfie: 27 – 3 years to be 30

27th year

Done lots of things – Have not done many things as well

I am on the road to find what I want to do and whom I want to be…

I got a great job

I have been travelling to many new places

I have met many great people (and bad ones as well)

I am making finished and unfinished lists…

What I did when I was 26

– got promotion and know what a manager title was

– rode many types of motorbike

– got a ride on sport car in KL, Malaysia

– visited: Singapore, Malaysia (Borneo, KL), Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok), Laos (Vientiane, Luang Prabang), Burma (Yangon, Bagan), Indonesia (Jakarta)

– Quit a good job

– Got 2nd good job

– Got all high-tech stuff (Nikon, 1T mobile hard-disk)

– Host a good farewell dinner

– Attended the simplest wedding in Burma: one dish and one drink

– Attended the most expensive and crowded wedding in Indonesia: 2,000-something guests, yummy buffet, hosted at Ritz-Carlton Hotel

– Met a missionery

– Climbed to Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in S.E Asia

– Went to the “dead zone” 45C degree in Burma

– Knew how 3C degree was like

– Took 3 connecting flights on ONE day – the 2nd one shaked hardly

– Took the worst bus for 12 hours, sitting next to the 10-minute-vomiting girl.

– Travel to see the world and live freely

What I have not done yet when I was 26

– Not visiting Philippines and Brunei

– Not able to deal with emotional issue like telling my true feeling to ‘someone’

– Not study new foreign langue (for real)

– Not reach the Mt. Kinabalu’s summit

– Not able to swim

– Not take any real professional photograph course

– Not decide whether I should keep working or take a master course

– Not telling my parents all the truth (feel so bad about that recently) – hope they can understand – maybe not, maybe yes

– Not finish all books I bought – uhm, I should do before I bought new ones. haha


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