Selfie: Home Sweet Home

I am always glad to get back home, even for a couple of days.

Mom has made many good food for me which I miss the most when I travel.

Now, in my little room, I am packing again for another trip. Mixed feeling. I know that I can come back to visit every month, but still feel a bit weird. This time, coming back, I have not seen many good friends of mine. They left, or a far from here. Weird feeling when you come back your hometown and just stick at home with mom and dad.

My room is messy right now. I do not know which I need to bring along, which I should leave at home. I want to carry all of them. My new place cannot store all. Anyway, packing always takes me a lot of time.

My backpack can be more than 10kg a bit. My handbag is around 5kg including my laptop and stuff. My weight is around 35kg. Still light. My father and I have the same opinion that we should not carry a lot of things when we are on the road. This time, I will leave my baby Nikon at home.

I have found a lot of old things which I had since I studied in high school and college. Well, times flies. I graduated from college 4 years ago. 4 YEARS ALREADY. 3 years working.

What have I had and done? Not much… working experience, friends, money, trips…no dates, no boyfriend, no house. That’s all right. Just living my life. As long as I feel comfortable, I am on my way.

To my family: always love you, no matter where I am, no matter how hard you have made it to me.

To all: I cannot update my blog as frequently as I did. I deactivated my facebook. I do not have MySpace, nor other on-line social networking but my blog and my e-mail. Please keep in touch through them 🙂


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