Summer Trip: Southeast Asia 2010

I travelled for almost 5 weeks in 5 different countries. I have learnt a lot and made friends with many interesting people.

Find here for each country I visited


Thailand: Chiang Mai and Bangkok

Burma: Sad and Fun

Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu city and Mt. Kinabalu


Check more photos at my Flickr (right column, at the bottom on my blog)

What I did

– took too many buses – the longest one was up to 24 hours

– took 3 flights on one day – through 3 different time zones (GMT +6.30, GMT +7.00 and GMT +8.00)

– tried many different local food – ordered a silly and terrible dish in Burma (until now, I have no idea what was in my dish)

– met an interesting man – learnt a couple of new things

– climbed up to Mt. Kinabablu, the highest one in S.E Asia – did not reach the summit. Will come back later!

– made friend with so many good and fun people around the world. Friendship circle is getting bigger.

– Attended 2 extremely different wedding receptions: super small one and super big one.

– experience 2 extremely different temperature areas: around 45ish C degree and 3ish C degree.

– took less photos than ever (around 900 for 5 weeks), so I have all my fav one. I did not delete a lot as I did.

– got a chance to study Holy Bible with a missionary – found out how interesting people believe in their God in different religions

– read one more-than-200-page book in English in one day

– budget trip – i managed and still have a bit left to get back chiang mai

– knew the feeling of homesick

– NO MORE COMPLAIN – there, outside, more people should complaint about their lives, but they do not. Why me?

The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of everything, they simply make the most of everything that comes their way (Hebrews 13:5 and Philippians 4:11)


One thought on “Summer Trip: Southeast Asia 2010

  1. Hi Angela, nice list you have there. how was bagan? did you also suffer from the heat? I am now in bangkok and will spend the last 10 days in the south at a beach.

    My best wishes and don’t take it too hard being back on the job
    Bernhard, you dormpartner in the motherland

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