Great Days in Yangon (last minute fun)

After moaning about how terrible days I had had in Burma, I got a great time time with new friends. I went to a Burmese wedding in a church in town. I went to a kind-of church with my new friends and got to know another religion in Burma – a Buddhism country. It was so interesting to see people doing their service and how much they believe in their God. I do not follow any religion – no judge here since I strongly believe people have right to do what they think it is right for them. It is a bit hard for some Burmese people following new religion. They have had a bit hard time and less support from the community.  One of my new friends is a late-20-year-old short-term missionary from Malaysia and I have learned a lot from him about his religion – Christian, Bible and other things. Quite interesting man 🙂 Then, another new friend, Jan, from Germany, joined us. We had a fun time together: walking around, helping to exchange money and drinking, exploring the biggest part in town at 530AM together (paid 2 bucks/pax for entrance fee, dang!), going to a fancy bar in town just for mango and banana smoothie and enjoying AC 🙂

Then, I met some other friends and with their travel stories, so time was shorten in Yangon . My new friends are mainly from EU – travelling by themselves. Young and Old. Employed and Unemployed. New local friends are super friendly. They treated me as an old friend. They prayed for me when they knew I was travelling alone. Sweet. One of them told me that when I got married, let her know. Sorry new friend, I think you had to wait for a while. 😛

For your information, it finally rained in Yangon right before I got to BKK. It was heavy and there were lots of thunders and lightening.

I will never forget my time in Burma, from dead zone to Burmese wedding, from being a lone to having friends around. Yay! I got a sleepless night in Yangon – I do not want to miss any great time in Yangon – hardly to have

If I could have enough money (I got stolen quite a lot), I would make it to Madalay with my new friend. Next time, girl.

Photos are on the way…

A kind-of new part in central Yangon, Myanmar

A Burmese wedding in a church

Chit-chat with a local in the biggest part in Yangon

One of my new travel pals

Morning exercise, guys!


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