Peace from Bangkok, Thailand

Sawadee from Bangkok, Thailand

The area I am staying right now is totally peaceful and quiet (not really if you wander in local markets :P)

I arrived in BKK this morning at 6am and totally tired. I walked around 20mins to my guesthouse and enjoyed a part of BKK in the morning. Khao San street was so quiet  and tiring. I saw a couple of farangs looking exhausted after a hard party time, I think.

I slept for a couple of hours and got out to see what is happening around my area. I enjoyed the local markets, the way local people look at me and communicate with me.

I walked along the sri ayuthya road and saw so many police and military officers. They look neat and serious. Yet, when you talk to them, they are friendly and nice. They can help you direction or take a taxi for you if you need. I thought it would be scary and nervous. I am totally fine here.

BKK is fine as long as you stay away from protester groups and hot spot. Do not let these things scare and ruin your BKK trip. I am not a big fan of big city so BKK is alright to me.

Local food is great. I succeeded to order food without spicy, lol

Mangoteens and durians are super cheap and NGON/delicious.

I found a high-speed internet place and will try to upload all pix tonite before I am off for 10 days 🙂

Love you as usual xoxo

Check photos of Bangkok here (not many though)

Khao San Road – khu pho Tay – in the early morning, full of tiring faces of farangs and locals


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