Saibadee Laos – Country of Millions Elephants

Internet is slow and I am not that patient to write a long update/description for my trip. Everything has been alright so far. I was so tired of sitting on the buses. I cannot believe how long I did sit on “King of Bus” – a VIP bus transporting in Laos.

Bus ride #3: Danang to Viet-Laos border: 5hrs++ on a private car.Rate: 1.000.000VND (thanks to my friend Xuan, who helped to arrange it). Almost hit the barrier on the highway when a truck driver changed his mind suddenly not to let us pass over him. Asshole driver!

Bus ride #4: Viet-Lao border to Xephon (20km to Savannakhet): 5hrs++ on a random bus owned by a Vietnamese-Lao man. Random bus so I paid as the driver told us: 75.000kip. He was nice to treat us a delicious dinner (grilled chicken and sticky rice). He also helped us to get a bus ticket to Vientiane that night.

Bus ride # 5: Xephone to Vientiane: 9hrs++ on a local express bus. Rate: 65.000kips. I was totally tired and slept all the way. I did not see anything outside. Arrived in Vientiane at 4.30AM.

Transit: tuktuk to our CS host, 30.000kip/person. Paul was our CS host in Vientiane. He and his friends are volunteering there. We had a great talking. Christina and I spent a whole day exploring the sleepy town. Nothing much to see, but wats.

Bus ride #6: Vientiane to Luang Prabang: 12hrs++ on a VIP bus “”king of bus”. Rate: 180.000kip. Many sharp carves on the way. Beautiful view. Worst noodle soup in my life with full of MSG. Arrived LBP at 5.30PM, happily 🙂 Walk around to find a reasonable rate GH. The one I know I could not find it (sadly). We spent 5bucks/night

Bus ride #7: LBP to Lao-Thai border: 13hrs++ on a VIP bus again. Rate 170.000kip. It was a good idea that we did not buy a whole ticket from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai since our traveler companies got stuck in the border.


I did not try much Lao food. I just got dinner with grilled chicken and sticky rice. The other meals when I was there were burger and Indian food. I love beer Laos by the way.


I am so sorry that Vientiane trip was not that impressive. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I need more time to understand the city or find more activities to do here.

Luang Prabang is unchanged and I did not have much to write.

Next time, if I return, I will definitely visit some other places in Laos to get to know more about this country.

Khop chai jai for reading my blog. I am doing well. I can’t wait for the next destination.

Love 🙂

Check photos of Vientiane here

Everywhere in Laos (and more in Viet Nam)

Everywhere in town

Landmark of the capital – That Luang

Check photos of Luang Prabang here

View from a bus – on the way to Luang Prabang

One of many buses I took on my trip – They were quite comfortable for my size

Mekong river – dry season – so low, so dry

Laos style scarves

One of my fav breakfasts: bagel, cream cheese, home-made da-ua and fruits


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