Summer Trip: Bye Old Town – Hello Neighbors – 2010

Less than 4 hours, Christina and I are heading on road. We are super excited for our one-month-something trip. We will be fine together.

I will try to keep in touch and keep you posted my trip. Internet might be bummer. I cannot promise every-single-day post on my blog. When I find internet available, I will let you all our adventures.

Keep us on your prayers, please!

I love and miss you all! XOXO


Bus Ride #1: Phuong Trang bus from Can Tho to Sai Gon at 3.30AM. We hope we will get across the new big bridge – might not take photos since it will be dark outside. Bus Duration: 4 hrs —

Bus ride #2: Phuong Trang bus (AGAIN) from Saigon to Danang at 11.30AM. Could not get a train ticket. Time-waste =/ Bus Duration: 20 hrs ++


One thought on “Summer Trip: Bye Old Town – Hello Neighbors – 2010

  1. Hi Angela!! Glad to see you are traveling a TON! I wanted to send you a message on facebook, but we are not friends anymore! What happened? Are you not on facebook anymore? I miss you very much and want to hear from you! love you! xoxo

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