Summer Trip: Jakarta – Food and Food – 2010

From CS

Soto Betawi is soupy dish, served with tomato, boiled egg, boiled potato and melinjo cracker. Very nice accompanion with steam rice.
Gado Gado is Mixed of boiled vegetables and served with nut sauce and slice of bolied egg and with cracker
Es Cendol is Smooth green rice noodles in chilled coconut milk & coconut palm sugar with ice
Roti Buaya is made of bread in a crocodile shape
Kerak Telor is made out of sticky rice, duck egg and topped off serundeng (a floss made by coconut)
Rujak Juhi is commonly found in Indonesian culinary is a fruit or vegetables salad where Juhi is salted cuttlefish.
Lontong Sayur is made from vegetables like pumpkin, jackfruit, eaten with coconut milk, the leaf-steamed rice dumpling, and boiled egg.
Kue Rangi is a snack that made by javanese brown sugar, shredded coconut, and sago flour
Tahu Gejrot is smackdown tofu with onion, chillies and garlic with javanese brown sugar sauce


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