Selfie: Going Away Party

It happened for real. I hosted a going away party – a buffet dinner. I made main course and my friends helped me make starter and dessert. It succeeded as everyone said so 🙂

When: Saturday, Apr 17, @7PM

Where: house 7, campus 1

For starter, we had onion fritter, baguette with cheese and butter.

For main course, we had quiche (morning glory gratin), gratin depinois (potato gratin) and my own style gratin with lots of vegetable. Then, we grilled beef, chicken and beeft – a small BBQ in the front yard.

For dessert, we had apple crisp, banana ice-cream, and chocolate cake.

For drinks, we had a lot, lol. There were Cokes, Sprite, beers, wines. We hardly finished all the drink though.

I was so glad to see all my friends yesterday. I wish Will and Marty could stay longer to join us.

For you: Hey, I was happy that you were with me last night. I could not find a chance to talk to you much. I think I will not. I have had a great time with you. Should you need to know? Well, no, you do not 🙂 Love every single minute with you. You rock!

For all my friends: Thank you for coming. You all made my dinner successfully and we did have a very good time together. Thank you for talking and sharing. Thank you for understanding and supporting. Thank you, thank you and thank you! We will definitely keep in touch.

One more thing that I deactivated my Facebook account. I do not use it for a while. It is a bit addicted but the point is that I will head to the wild. I will force myself not to use internet as much as I can (except for being in touch with friends). I am going to make it!

One week left in town. I still hang out with friends. I still spend much time at home with my parents. I love them too much. They are always in my mind and my heart no matter where I am. Love you!!!


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