Buffet Dinner Planner

OK OK, I know I am obsessed to make a list and to cook for the 17th. It’s simply me, make-to-do-list girl 🙂

I am going to host a buffet dinner for a group of 20 people. Yup, sort of big, eh? 🙂

There are 3 courses. I am in charge of starter and main course. My friends help me make desserts. Guests are free to bring any drinks along.

Here they are and some pix I found on-line <I will post my own pix later, after the dinner of course. When do you think I can have them? LOL>



Onion fritter

Vegetable fritter


Chicken, Fish, Shrimp and Vegetable  Satay/Sate

chicken satay

fish satay

shrimp satay

Peanut and Tamarind combination for dressing

Angela-style gratin

Rice balls

Pico de gallo


Apple Crisp

Fresh fruit Skewers



I have all recipes and know where to get all ingredients. I still do not know how much to buy though.


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