Currency Exchange

Before my trip, I look into currency exchange rates in some countries. It is crazy and the most crazy one is Burmese one.

Take a look

Rates on Apr 04, 2010

1 LAK ~ 2,251 VND (Laos Kip)

1 THB ~     589.20 VND (Thai Baht)

1 MYR ~ 5,865.78 VND (Malay Ringgit)

1MMK ~ 2,959VND (Myanmar Kyat)

1 IDR ~ 2,102 VND (Indonesia Rupiah)

So, if I exchange 1.000.000VND to each of them, here is what I might get

444.60 LAK

1,697.19 THB

337.94 MMK

170.48 MYR

475.16 IDR

I totally get lost in currency exchange rates

Now, have a look at some notes in these countries. Woohoo!

Thai baht

Thai coins

Laos Kip. See more here

Myanmar Kyat. See more here

Malaysia Ringgit

Indonesia Rupiah


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