3 weeks left

Busy week – Time flies

Having a new colleague: We have got a new girl working in my office, replacing my place in 3 weeks. I am training her. I try to tell and teach her all I have learned from Anh, Benoit and my other colleagues. She should be more careful and pay more attention if she wants to fulfill most of things at work in 3 weeks. I believe she can do it. Benoit mentioned some her strong points. One week left, she has not impressed me much.

Moving to a new office: Finally we moved. The new office is in my bosses’ private house. Benoit gave us his fav office room 🙂 Thank you a lot for this. It has taken us a bit to set up and get used to with the new place. This new office is cool. I need to adjust my place a bit since I am sharing one big table, 2 computers, 2 telephones and 2 chairs with the new girl. The gov wanted to take the French style building back. No idea what they will do with it. Hopefully they will not ruin it because of some silly office building ideas.

Spending time with friends: Stammtisch and Swimming Pool party were hits last weekend. Wish I could join them in the pool. It seemed so fun. On Sunday, Liz, Ellen and I went to visit my Uncle 7 in O Mon. Malte was too tired to join us then. Liz and Ellen were good at making banh xeo. We had fun cooking banh xeo and banh canh. LOL. I also had one of the craziest bus rides. Local people on the buses looked at us, talked to us, touched my friends and even me, my knee. They said my friends were so WHITE, PRETTY and they had tall noises. Whenever my friends said something in Vietnamese and local ppl understood, they laughed and continued talking to my friends. We saw one guy and he was so funny. On the way back to Can Tho, I stood in the bus for half of the way. I was so small that I could stand on the wheel in the bus. Bunch of people. Some said “One gets off. Ten gets on” haha. It was a great experience though.

My family: I keep talking a bit every day about my moving out to my parents. I know they need time to accept it. This is one of my challenges. They need to know that I really want to do something new, different and independently.

In short, I had a great and so-fast week. There are only 3 weeks left before my trip and my moving out.


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