Selfie: Random Thinking

Thoi gian troi qua nhanh khi toi biet toi phai roi mot noi than yeu quen thuoc de bat dau mot cuoc song moi. Toi co tan huong nhung ngay nay. Khong than phien. Khong song qua ban ron vi cong viec. Tat ca vi gia dinh toi va ban be toi. Saigon va Cantho khong xa khi cau Can Tho duoc thong va duong bay duoc thuc hien. Toi vui vi dieu nay.

/time flies when I know there are a couple of weeks left to leave my beloved hometown and start a new life. I try to enjoy one single day now. No complain. No busy working life. All now is for my family and my friends. Saigon and Cantho is no long too far when the bridge and flights are opened. I am glad for this./

Song xa nha; mot chu de kho khan giua gia dinh va toi. Toi biet ho thuong, quan tam va lo lang cho toi. Nhung, nhu the mot cau chuyen ve con sau bien thanh buom, toi chi co the tu minh song cuoc doi cua toi, tu minh chon lua va dau tranh va theo duoi no. Toi rat cam on su giup do cua moi nguoi xung quanh. Toi khong the la toi va khong the ton tai duoc neu cuoc doi toi duoc chon san va rai day hoa hong. Toi, khi ay, se khong the tu minh chong choi va  bao ve duoc ban than trong xa hoi nay. Toi cam on rat nhieu neu nhan duoc su ho tro, thuong yeu va su co vu cua nhung nguoi than yeu cua toi. Tat ca nhung dieu nay se la hanh trang de toi vung tin tren con duong toi da chon.

/Moving out: a tough topic for my parents and I. I know they love, care and worry for me. However, like a story about a worm getting a butterfly, I live my only life. I have my own choices. I fight and follow them to the end. I appreciate everyone’s help and supports. I cannot be me if my life is chosen and put full of roses by someone. I, then, cannot struggle and protect myself in such a complicated society. I thank you so much for assistance, love, courage from my beloved ones. All is on my backpack along with me on my journey I chose./

Toi ra di khong phai vi toi muon tron tranh, khong phai vi toi muon cuoc song tat bat thanh pho, khong phai vi toi muon bon chen voi nguoi thanh thi de kiem duoc that nhieu tien. Toi muon di. Di de truong thanh. Di de mo rong moi quan he. Di de biet toi co the lam duoc nhung gi, de xem ngoai kia con nhung gi hay chi la ‘coc ngoi day gieng’. Di de biet toi co that su song doc lap duoc hay khong.

/I do not leave as if I were a looser, nor as if I ran away from some terrible things; nor because I love a busy city life, nor because I want to compete with city people for earning more money. Simply I just want to go to become a mature person, to widen my networking. I want to go to know how much I can do, to see the world outside, to check if I were a little frog in a local well. I want to go to see if I really can live my life independently./

Toi hao huc vi nhung dieu sap toi, nhung chuyen di sap toi. Hon nua, toi vui vi da duoc gap anh va la ban tot cua anh. Toi va anh da gap nhau va se chia tay nhau. Hai duong thang song song ngau nhien duoc chan lai tai mot diem va tai diem ay, toi va anh co mot khoang thoi gian rat dep voi nhau. Chi vai tuan nua, hai chung toi se tiep tuc con duong rieng cua moi nguoi. Toi va anh se la nhung nguoi ban tot cua nhau. Toi van chua san sang cho moi quan he nghiem tuc nao vi truoc mat toi, co rat nhieu viec phai lam. Toi se dung lai hoac ai do du kha nang dung toi lai. Luc do, toi tin la toi da tim duoc dung nguoi.

/I am excited for new coming things, coming trips. More than that, I am happy to see you and be your good friend. I met you and we are going to be apart. Two parallel lines met at one point by chance and at that point, you and I had a very wonderful time together. In couple of weeks, we are heading on our own roads. You and I still are good friends. I am not ready for any relationship because I am so busy with my new life. I will stop and settle down , or if someone has that good capability to do it. Then, I believe I find a right one./


One thought on “Selfie: Random Thinking

  1. Angela – I think you’re a very brave woman to be moving out on your own and I wish you nothing but the best. I miss seeing your smiling face but now you can plan on visiting NYC to see Christina and I! Good luck to you and I know it will all work out.

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