Foodie Journey: Mixed Cooking Styles

Starting my weekend: cooking morning. Here were what we did – looked all good 😉

Chilli by Ellen

Salad by mom

Gratin by me

cookies mainly by Ellen – I was her assistance 😉

After lunch at home (talking about palm readers and stuffs), we headed to Rach Goi to join the show ‘Viet Nam’s got talent‘ hosted by Hau Giang Community College (Tim and Kyle are teaching there). The show was great – much better than I thought. Tim and Liz were judges – called evaluators there. Everyone loves Tim, Kyle and Liz 🙂 Ellen and I had a fun time there with them. My fav part of the show was a free dance performed by a kid named Vu. He was so great. Plays were alright since I did not really understand all what they talked. They were creative though. “My humps” dance performance was kinda funny to me. Their custom, woohoo, were a bit shocking. They looked fine though, haha. We got back Can Tho a bit late that night. I always enjoy long motorbike ride. Wind and Speed. I was a bit sleepy 😛 I am gonna miss this motorbike ride.

Viet Nam’s got talent Invitation


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