Selfie: Move Out

I know it will be hard and it is.

It is time to face and make all beloved people trust me; trust my capability, my confidence, my plans and my independence. I appreciate SO MUCH for your concern, worry, care and love to me. New things and new life; of course, I am dealing with so many difficulties. However, please TRUST me!

It is time to spread the wing, to wander, to explore the world – at least around my country. It is time to volunteer, to live for society for a bit, to work and care of other less-fortunate people.

I do not want to compare (which I HATE a lot), nor make simply a plan, nor lost in my dream and nor be a day-dreamer. Definitely I want to do a new thing. I just want to go and see how big the world is, how hard to live far away from home sweet home, how complicated relationship people deal and how much I can contribute.

List of common questions for a person moving out as their first time

– why do you want to move out?

– why do you quit your current good job?

– are you sure you will get a new job, better than the old one?

– where will you stay there?

– how can you go to work/study?

– why do people need you to work/study there?

– why don’t you stay here and keep your stable job and live your comfortable life?

– do you know how hard it is when you move out?

– do you know how much you will pay for a rental room/house/flat/apartment?

– what is a salary at a new company?

– why do you want to work for them?

– why do you quit your job before you know for sure a new company/a school accept you?

– will you receive insurance? (social and health insurance)

– why do they need to recruit new people while there are many unemployed people in big cities?

And then, list of all terrible things a person moving out might receive (according to Vietnamese parents, many of them have same opinions)

– you cannot have good and healthy meals everyday

– nobody will care you

– everyone will compete you and try to fight you for better things

– you will not have enough health to deal with all big-city things

– nobody trust you and you should NOT trust anyone

– etc.


– I want to do new things, new challenges to enrich my knowledge, to better my income, to widen my networking

– I want to apply my experience, to do something real and to be helpful for myself, my family and my society

– I want to help people

– I want to challenge myself

– I want to live my life independently

– I do not want to live a so easy and boring life, deal with easy duties, or sleep with my victory. All make me a yes-man person and then I have no reason to fight to become a better person, who dare to do for my own life.

– ect.

At least I know what I want in my life. I outline all details, consult experienced people to make them true and feasible. I also list all risk I will face. Feasibility and risk portion can be handled.


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