Third Trip of Year 2010 – Singapore

I love Singapore. Everything in this country is very clean, orderly, and friendly. I spent too much money here though. I did not go shopping. I even did not get a chance to try local food here. I do not like a hurry life. Everyone I saw in the street seemed very busy – they seemed to run to their destination; they seemed to be late for a train or a bus.

WELCOME TO SINGAPORE! (taken @ Changi Airport)

Things I love in Singapore

– MRT: I am addicted to taking a train. It was a bit confusing at first. Later, I know how to deal with it and it is very simple. I did not wait too long to take a train and it is very cool inside since there is air-conditioning system everywhere. Meanwhile, a bus system is the cheapest but I need to remember the bus numbers which a bit hard for a person like me visiting the city for a couple of days.

– Friendliness and Politeness: most of people I met and talked to were very friendly, politely and helpful. With their Singlish, it took me a bit to get what they meant but there was not a big deal. People respect each other. No horn or yelling to each other, well, at least during the time I stayed there.

– Highway: it is so awsome. I love it a lot. Average speed limit I saw was around 60km/hr I think. A friend of mine, Seb – a host in Singapore, drove us to Sentosa and I loved to sit on his car and enjoy the highway.

Things I do not like in Singapore

– High price: I did not go shopping, eating at fancy restaurants, or even play any games in Sentosa. My money was gone though. MRT, bus, food, drink, etc. is too expensive.

Clarke Quay – a nightlife area where you can waste money quickly

– Singlish: I do not understand what people say. Maybe if I spend more time, I can get used to with this langue

Places I visited in Singapore

– Sentosa: Seb drove us to Sentosa on his uncle car – a Sentosa residence. So, we did not pay for the entry fee. I saw the biggest original merlion of Singapore and went to the top of this statue. I do not like the beach in Sentosa because it is small, crowded and a bit fake. When you swim, you can see a lot of sea ships around you. I will not take my family to this island next time.

– Merlion and Durian House: C, N and I walked to the downtown, a business area and to the merlion, a symbol of Singapore. Pretty cool. I got a double chocolate shake – starbur I think while waiting for Lea. We posed a lot next to the merlion. One of them was the most hilarious. I tried to take a photo of N while he pretended to vomit, like a water stream from the merlion would come out from N mouth. While posing this position, N closed his eyes and really focused on it, one guy showed up and looked at N with a big question – what the hell this guy was doing, I should stay away from him. LOL

merlion statue

– Old building, clock tower, Singapore river, statues, Little China, and Little India

Durian House and a complex of banking and office buildings by Singapore river

High buildings everywhere

Singapore River – an quiet part in the city

Chinatown in Singapore

Places I have not visited yet

– Singapore Zoo

– Many museum, but SAM singapore art museum

S.A.M – Singapore Art Museum

I tried Chinese food near Seb house. I got a burger with Louisianian style and 2 regular chocolate sakes… I wish I could try more local food as Minmin wrote for me. Next time

2 days in Singapore to me are not enough. I need at least 3 days. My recommendation: prepare coins and small notes if you want to take use of public transportation. For bus, they will not give you the change if you pay more than the real rate.

2 days there were so much fun to me, to my friends. Thank you Seb  a lot for his generousness to host us for 3 nights and showed us around. Thank you Minmin for your recommendation of a Grassland express bus which was so comfortable to travel from Singapore and Malaysia – the cheapest one I found in the expensive city

Good bye and see you again this summer!

Sunset at Sentosa from a big merlion statue

Singapore Flyer – 1.5 or more to make a round trip 🙂

Houses in Singapore

at one bus station on Beach Road

Sunset at The Red Light area in Singapore

My 1st shisha at Arab Town in Singapore

Dining at an Indian restaurant in India Town


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