First trip of year 2010

I took me so long to finish this post of my first trip in year 2010.

I will not write much for this post since I am in mixed feeling. So many things are happening quickly around me. I need to more time. Slow down and take one by one.

Basically, I escaped from work and wanted to have fun time with friends in Saigon for weekend. I decided to join Nick and Christina for a short trip to Saigon. We shared a small room @ Saigon Sports Hotel 1 in Bui Vien area. The room was very small but I did not really care. Having fun was my main purpose 🙂

Most of the time in Saigon, we went out, met my Vietnamese friends and went to clubs. I am not a big fan of clubs or bars. I just want to go there and check them out. I wonder why many Vietnamese young people like these places where the drinks are always expensive.

We went to Seven Saloon, near our hotel. Music was good – Hotel California was the point. I just disliked the atmosphere though. Something that I cannot express. Then, Andrew and Jade  took us to THE LUSH. Well, fun time started. I liked the music which was much better than that in Xe Loi club in my town. I could not drink anymore since I did not eat much for dinner.  My friends let me try different drinks. Well, as I remembered, they were vodka and fruit juice, whiskey and ice, and bacardi straight. Haha, that was a lot to me. Luckily I did not get drunk at all. Yahooo! haha 😀

The last day in Saigon, we hung out with another friend of mine in the Independence Palace – taking photos and walking around. Good time. In the evening, chi Lan took us to a Vietnamese style BBQ. Gosh, food there were good. I loved the lotus rice. I will make it sometime at home for my parents. Later on, we had coffee beside the Sun Wah Tower – chatting and joking around. To end the trip, chi Lan took us to a bar at Sheraton Hotel at 23rd floor. I just entered into a completely different world. I did not really like that place but music was the best during the trip. Love live music show.

Another highlight place in SG was Xcream. We spent a couple of hours resting and enjoying the food.

couches @ XCream – 53X Pasteur, P. Bến nghé, Q.1, TP. Hồ Chí Minh.


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