Selfie: Resolutions for year 2010

I have had a great first day of year 2010, even though there were some annoying business calls.

I talked on phone with some friends of mine, my relatives and my brother in the States. I was so glad to know they are all doing good. I wish you all a great and successful year 2010.

I have thought some things for my resolutions and got some

– Travel to Southeast Asia countries: Laos, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

– Do volunteer job: working in organic farms and eco-tourism sites.

– Take a professional photography class.

– Make a move to a new place.

– Eat more to gain a bit weight.

– Live positive, work hard and play smart.

– Keep in touch with friends and relatives.

– Take TOEFL and GRE

– Keep my heart open to receive love, and get ready for relationship if it happens to come.

So far, that’s all! Stick on these and live my life 🙂


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