333 Did Not Get A Chance To Knock Me Out

Last days of year 2009 are crazy, overwhelmed and I have had so much fun.

I had a little trip to floating markets, Cai Rang and Phong Dien ones with T4V and Lucas and his friend Thuy. After convinced Nick and Christina to make it at 6.30AM, I overslept. How nice I was! hahaha. Cai Rang floating market is unchanged. I am so done with it. We got breakfast at the market. It was kind of fun. Then, we headed to Phong Dien. I was so excited for this because I had not been there before. It turned out a bit boring. Maybe we were so late. When we were there, the market was closed. There were not many boats there. I did not see people doing their selling and buying stuffs as I saw in the previous one. We explored the local market on land though. It was so fun since everyone just stared at my friend Nick and Christina while there were some other foreigners around. Christina had a good time there, I can say so :). I got one banh my op-la and some chom chom – enough for a light breakfast. It took us more than 2 hours to get back Can Tho, where we met up with Tim, Tim’s father and Kyle for Rach Goi trip. What a busy Sunday! hahaha…

We all got on a city bus, taking around 30 minutes from Can Tho to Rach Goi town, Hau Giang province. Tim was good at handling bus tickets with his Vietnamese. I always love to see my foreigner friends speaking my language. They look cute, hahaha. We had to take two buses to reach Miet Vuon restaurant on the way to Rach Goi. On the 2nd bus, there was no seat available so we all stood. Suddenly Tim told me that we had to get off the bus. In a second, I told the conductor and the bus stopped immediately. Gosh, hardly to keep balance then.

Tim and Kyle’s colleagues welcomed us at Miet Vuon restaurant. I thought it would be like other Vietnamese party. Then, it turned out much wilder than I thought, haha. The New Year party started around 2.00PM. Beer kept pouring into glasses or putting on the table. 1,2,3 dzo! All of us were a bit drunk after the party. I was too hungry to handle that much beer. I ate lots of French fried with sugar and a bit chicken porridge.


I met an elementary friend. What a shame that I could not recognize her. She asked me if I remembered her and bla bla bla. Wow! such a long time. I did not expect to meet up any friends from primary school. She is fine and has a good job at Hau Giang community college as a French teacher.

At the table, some male teachers asked my some personal questions as usual. I thought I could answer all but I did some. It was so funny when PiA and T4V had an idea for marriage, because Vietnamese people kept asking us about it. We were supposed to have a wedding party when all of us were in Can Tho. Don’t know how it could happen but it is fun to think about. haha 😀

People there are very friendly and we are all welcome. They gave Nick, Christina and I some Christmas gifts even though we just met them for the first time. That was nice!

Happily, we ended the party and headed to Tim and Kyle’s apartment. We thought Nick would have his hair shaved but there was a blackout in town. So, his hair was still growing on his head.  We all took a taxi back to Can Tho. Tim, his father and Kyle would continue to go to Chau Doc for their Cambodia trip. Christina was at home for her 1st class preparation. Nick and I went out for a movie – Duplicity (with Julia Roberts,Clive Owen). The movie was good but a bit confusing to me sometimes.

I thought I had a fully great weekend. Not really. Still had some things to handle. I got a phone call at 11PM – a business call. Then, in the following morning, I was woken up by another business call. Dang!

However, last night, my friends were so nice to invite me to a party in Can Tho city hall. OK, I need to confess it was my 1st time to be there. I do not like the building as it is simply a copy of the Independence Palace in Saigon. Anyway, I had 30 minutes to decide which clothes I would wear nicely. Then, voila, we were inside of the building. I met a couple Vietnamese friends of mine. It seems they are pleased with what they are doing there. No comments for this kind of job. I met Reads and David, her husband. They are very nice couple. I love to talk to them.

So, how was the buffet party in the City Hall like? It was formal and Vietnamese. Starting the party was a couple of musical shows, and after that was two speeches. One of them was Mr. Man’s – who is the chairman of Can Tho People Committee. I am not sure if I was on any photos with him. hahaha. They served Dalat red wine – not a super good wine but I was glad they used Vietnamese wine :). Food was OK. I thought it would be better if they knew how to serve buffet. I love peanut sticky rice, salad, potato and fruits. Waitresses were nice but still needed to be trained more.

They ended the party with dancing and singing. Some Cuban people sang a Spanish song, which I cannot remember the title. Exciting melody. Then, again, Shalala song was turned on. I HATE that song! anh Nha danced very well as usual. Well, to me, it was a good party. I enjoyed it. Don’t know when I can have another chance to go there (but, I do not wish for that, hahaha)

I will spend 2 last days of year 2009 at home with my parents and think about my resolutions for year 2010 and watch movies as well. Seems it will be good. ♥


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