“On The Road” – My Story

I made my weekend finally. Not sleeping a whole day long at home. Not extra working hours like last weeks. I headed the country and reached places near VN and Cambodia in 1.5 days. Thank you, guys for traveling with me and being a very good driver. Bad and good times happened on the trip, but I still thank you.

Finishing at noon, we had a curry lunch before starting the trip. We started at 3pm. National Highway 91 is not superb good one but we were fine. We arrived in Long Xuyen around 4.5PM. It was still bright and we decided to go to Nui Sap to spend overnight. It turned out good. Nui Sap is a very small town and we saw MOUNTAINS, haha. The main purpose of the trip, I think, is to see mountains and countryside. We explored a place called “khu du lich Nui Sap” – Nui Sap tourist zone. It was so much fun to see an entertainment park for kids there. T took a couple of good pix of me on merry-go-around. That was so fun.

A church next to our guesthouse in Núi Sập town. it was weird that I did not hear any bell 😛

From Long Xuyen to Nui Sap, it was about 2 hours. We saw many rice paddies along the way on harvest time. I could feel a very good countryside smell. Smokes from burning straws. Ploughing land after harvest. Cut fresh rice. Together they made a very special smell. We stopped along the way to ask for directions and one thing made me laugh was that they always told us it was far, or very far. Indeed, distances were around within 20-25km. Different thinking 🙂

rice paddies on harvest time on the way to Óc Eo

Guesthouse in Nui Sap town was alright. Noisy at late night. Hard mattress for me. There are AC and hot water though. The owner was very friendly and helpful to me. One of a friend of mine could not sleep much and all of us were in awkward situation on the following day. Anyway, we all did it together.

From Nui Sap, we headed to Óc Eo, a very historic place which I do not really remember except that that small archaeological area was found by  a French man in 1942. That place is around 13km from Nui Sap town but you need to be careful since there is no road sign or any sign to tell you to go to Óc Eo. On Rough Guide and Lonely Planet, they say it is not worthy visiting but personally I think you can make a visit, especially in the harvest time. You can enjoy endless rice paddies with yellow color and bunches of farmers working on fields and mountains of course.

rice paddies and MOUNTAINS!!!

harvest time

on the way to Óc Eo, a very historic place which I do not really remember except that that small archaeological area was found by a French man in 1942

Óc Eo, a very historic place which I do not really remember except that that small archaeological area was found by a French man in 1942. This pix was taken by a friend of mine, Jack Thirolf

Óc Eo

Before going to Óc Eo, we spent around 30mins at a Cambodian pagoda on Ba Thê Mountain in Cô Tô district. I was surprised to meet a Bostonian Cambodian-American guy and his family in the pagoda. The name of that pagoda is chùa Ba Thê. It was simply glorious in the early morning full of sunlight combined with the color yellow. It was so peaceful and quiet there as well. I would just want to spend a whote  morning there. Yet, we still had a long way ahead.

30-minute break at chùa Ba Thê

inside chùa Ba Thê (a Khmer pagoda)

on the way to Ba Chúc town – a bad 7-kilometer road, around 4miles… just like we road a horse, LOL

I’m glad that they still keep this mean of transportation – a special xe lôi đạp in An Giang only

on the way to Ba Chúc town – a better road

Then, we went to Tri Tôn district, a big town where Cambodian community is very big. From Tri Tôn, it took us around 1 more hour to go to Ba Chúc (The Ba Chuc Massacre was carried out by the regular army of Democratic Kampuchea‘s army, the Khmer Rouge, on April 18, 1978 in Ba Chúc, Tri Tôn, An Giang province, southern Vietnam. Of those who had lived in Ba Chúc, 3,157 civilians were killed,[1] only two survived the massacre. The attack was one of the events that prompted the Vietnamese invasion of Kampuchea.). No comment for this place like school S21 in Cambodia last year. One thing I remembered that we met a very friendly local family on the way to Ba Chúc. They have kids studying in An Giang Uni and Can Tho Uni. It was cool. They also let me know the local name of Ba Chúc massacre place, which is Chùa Đống Xương (Bunched of Skulls and Bones Pagoda).

The Ba Chuc Massacre – a terrible place in 1978

chùa Đống Xương in Ba Chúc town – where they pray for the death people in the massacre

From Chùa Đống Xương, we got back to Tri Tôn to find way to reach Long Xuyên. The distance is around 50km. I love the scences along the way. I saw many man-made channels and Chăm style houses. Local people saw us, pointed at us, and smiled with us. Trip from Tri Tôn to Long Xuyên was long and tiring. All of us were totally tired and we needed to stop twice for break. I made home around 5PM. That was just on time!

This is my 2nd motor trip. I am glad that my friends joined. Next time, we will do it again, further and longer one.

Honda 67 and me! Of course, I just posed since I cannot ride, haha 🙂


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