P.O In Town

Entering the PO of my town at 08:00PM last night to send a package to my bro in USA. Here is my story – a story of a sender, not a receiver as I did last year

– Excuse me, I would like to send this package to USA?

Go over there!

– Yes. Excuse me. I would like to send this package to USA?


… waiting and waiting in 10 minutes since the lady was busy packing other little packages

Fill in this form!

… she handed me 3 pieces of forms without explaining anything. I filled all boxes but the last one which named CONTENT.

– Should I write in Vietnamese or English?


… continued on filling form. I just wondered how foreigners could write in Vietnamese on these kind of forms.

– Excuse me, I finish and here you are.


…waiting and waiting in 10 minutes again. Well, I listened to music on my iPod to kill time then

OK. What do you want to send? Give me!

– Here you are

What is it? Open it!

…open the plastic bag and spread out all things on the counter for her to see and check.

What is it? (she pointed to the T-shirt)

– It is a Tshirt for my brother.

What is it? (she pointed to a knitted bag and touched on it)

– It is a knitted bag for my sister.

What is it? (she pointed to the wallet and tore the plastic cover outside)

– It is a wallet for my brother.

Why is it hard? Is there anything underneath?

– Nothing. It is hard because it is a plastic one

What is it? (she pointed to a tie)

– It is a tie (obviously, silly lady, I mumbled)

What is it? (she pointed to 3 English brochures)

– They are brochures in English about Mekong Delta.

Is it true? What do they mean? Any propagative information?

– Nothing. It just talks about Mekong Delta. (shoot, no propagative info about the Party or stuffs, I mumbled again)

What is it? (she pointed to a box of pens and pencils)

– They are pencils and pens for my brother

…she checked them twice. She opened all what she could. She tore all covers to check inside. She counted how many pens and pencils in the small box She calculated. She weighted a box. She calculated again. Suddenly she saw my little note (on which I listed all things I send to my brother and said I love him).

What is it? Is it a letter?

– No, it isn’t. It is simply a note which tells what I send to my brother.

Are you sure it it not a letter? If it is a letter, you must send it separately.

– No, it IS NOT.

… she continued to check and calculate in more 10 minutes. She double checked again before she sealed the box

Are you sure that the note is not a letter, that there is not propagative info on this box? If I found out, you would be in trouble and I would throw all away.

– Yes, I am sure (silly lady, you made me scared, shoot, I mumbled – 3rd time)

OK, pay for this.

– Here you are (I handed her money). Do you know what the approximate arrival time for this package?

At least 4 months.

– Thank you. Bye!

– … (no response from her)

So, that’s it. I always prepare myself to face these situation but I sock many times in many different ways.

What’s wrong with these kind of people?


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